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batman utility belt 1966 worth

Justin Epps is either a professional amateur or an amateurish professional depending on who you ask. My journey as a writer is just beginning yet I'm excited to be embarking on this new endeavor. Mattel Batman Classic TV Series Utility Belt DC Comics Replica Batarang Y6806. ForeverYoungLeather. After finishing, you need to superglue the leather flaps to the front and back of the pouches, then superglue the clasp pieces to the front of the leather flap. Her hope was that it would all add up to a selling price of $17,000 . Betsie eBetsy Bolger is a freelance writer/editor, former eBay Education Specialist, and Top Rated Seller on eBay. "[2] Two issues after the utility belt debuted, Fox also wrote the first appearance of a bat-themed weapon, when the batarang debuted in the story "Batman vs. the Vampire" in Detective Comics #31 (Sep 1939).[3]. Your credit card or PayPal account will be charged. The grapple gun is what helps Bruce Wayne scale Gotham City's many tall buildings and . Its perfect for long-range, allowing him to strike from the shadows and non-lethal, gelling with Batmans moral code. The tools in Batmans belt may change over the years, but this tool is easily Batmans preferred weapon of choice. .. You would think that I would know better by now. Ideals box for the Official Batman Utility Belt features vivid graphics that reflect the TV shows unique comic-book aesthetic. 7, July 1931, Collector's Toy Yearbook: 100 Years Of Great Toys, Noble & Cooley Toy Drums Musical Toys 1917, Noble & Cooley Toy Musical Instruments Catalogue F4 1907, The Meccano Magazine, Vol. XVI, No. Take, for instance, this authentic Batman Belt - Batman Utility Belt Accessory. Let's face it, The originals were craptacular and all but the average collector does need something that fits in their 'mind's-eye' interpretation of what the prop should look like in the real world. Every Gadget Adam West's Batman Pulled From His Utility Belt, The Batman Needs The '60s Utility Belt To Suit Pattinson's Year Two, Adam West's Batman - who Bruce Lee refused to lose a fight to, Adam West's Batman Adventures Continued Decades After The Show. IG: @trevonjheregibbs Surprisingly it works, giving Batman and Robin the chance to get away from the creature. The buckle is a square piece of brass decorated with a bat symbol. NEW Kohls Plush MAX Dog DR SEUSS Grinch Who Stole Xmas, Cobra S2 Fitted Performance Mesh Navy Cap Large-XLarge, Lot 100+ Pieces Dora The Explorer Adventure Clothes 15, New Fitted Titleist Fj Mesh Hats (4) Large-xlarge, Lot Tomy Thomas Jet Engine Tracks Trains Station More, Air Hogs XS Motors Thunder Truck - Blue Coupe, Pokemon Figurines-Large Lot-Plastic-Various-Collectible, Metal Fight BeyBlade Battle Stadium Square Type Yellow, Toy Story 2 Talk N Yodel Jessie - VERY RARE. While it serves as a powerful contingency, it also represents the strong trust between the Worlds Finest. She drives the price up to $11,000, and they make a deal. Phone: 219-973-9240. Review of 1966 Batman Utility Belt & Batarang Prop Replica Mattel. More colors. Interesting that the pouch flaps hinge on the front edge rather than the rear, as with the higher end replicas. More iconic than smoke bombs or his grapple gun and arguably the most well-known item Bruce has ever conceived of is undoubtedly the batarang. The rare Batgirl figure is 11.5 inches in size and features one of the best Batgirl costumes. This only further added to the collector's value and rarity when it sold at auction. ", Karen's 1966 belt came with all the parts: the Bat-cuffs, the Bat-gun, the Bat-rocket grenade all the bells and whistles. It was modeled after the Batmobile from the 1960s TV show and quickly sailed to the top of collector must-haves. It holds a much higher value compared to other replicas, which consequently caused it to reach a high price of $11,000 when it was sold on the Pawn Stars TV series. Any hero worth his weight in Kevlar knows that, sooner or later . I didn't see this one coming. Looks a lot better than than this and its more accurate. (Google Beatlemania rather than make me feel even older.) Looks like it has opening pouches/tubes and a folding batarang. Disqus. Batman is only a man after all, and having a tool that help him survive the urban jungle makes this one of the best items in his arsenal. $199.95. Missing Utility Belt, 1989 DC -, 1976 DC , Lego Minifigure Figure Batman Utility Belt, Head Type 1 LEGO Batman Movie sh312, Vintage 1996 Kenner Batman Action Figure Blue With Yellow Utility Belt, Vintage 1989 Batman Baterang & Belt Clip From Utility Belt Playset , Remco BATMAN UTILITY BELT GUN Clicker Works Vintage DC Comics - 1976, 1988 DC , IDEAL 1966 BATMAN , :12: - DC1:12, Mezco Batman Supreme Knight & , SU-TDK: 1/12 & Mafex Mezco One:12 (), Mezco One:12, PB-TDK-Y: 1/12 & Mafex Mezco One:12 , 1/6 EX, 1972 - DC 8 , 1989 5 , PM, Mezco One:12: - , 1989 NIB . It was equipped with a Grappling Hook, Bat-Cuffs, Bat-Flashlight, a Bat-Gun, a Batarang, and a Dummy Transmitter. And I think it was mostly because of the Batman utility belt. Bat-gadgets werent limited to what Batman could carry around his waist. Bruce Wayne's utility belt is one of the biggest staples of the Batman franchise, and the hero is well known for the many useful tools he keeps inside of it. Batman historian Les Daniels credits Gardner Fox, the first writer other than Bill Finger to write the adventures of Batman in Detective Comics, with introducing the utility belt concept in Detective Comics #29 (July 1939). In 1986, Frank Miller drew Batman's utility belt with military-style pouches in the Batman: The Dark Knight Returns limited series. 1966 Ideal BATMAN Utility Belt! Batmans money helped him finance his one-man war on crime, but he cant use his funds as Bruce Wayne when hes dressed up incognito. Like the company's Batman Water Blaster, it became a highly sought-after item that would sell for nearly $12,000. Equipped with a scope, the Batman Water Blaster from Marx shoots up to 20 feet and has an extendable stock for better accuracy. READ THE DESCRIPTION CAREFULLY The photos below show the ACTUAL ITEM you are bidding on. However, Batman started using the belt to hold his Batrope and soon he adapted it to hold glass pellets of choking gas, becoming the first two gadgets in the utility belt. Baby-boom Bat-fans werent old enough in 1966 to drive the Batmobile, but Poynter Products adapted one favorite bit of Bat-technology for two wheels instead of four: the Batman Bicycle Bat-Chute. 11, November 1937, The Meccano Magazine, Vol. While they are priced a bit more affordably for fans, quite a few retro Batman toys have sold for shocking prices over the years. Although seemingly unremarkable in appearance, the utility belt remains as one of Batman's most important tools in fighting crime. "Batman has been a pretty amazing brand since the 1930s," he notes on the episode. TDK Bat Utility Belt $ 95 - $ 215; 2021 Widow Utility Belt $ 50 - $ 85; Widow Utility Belt V1 $ 50 - $ 90; Batmans belt contains a ring that holds a sliver of kryptonite, the same radioactive material that could easily harm Superman. For Bat-fans who preferred handheld devices, Remco also produced Batman Walkie-Talkies (no batteries required; they were connected by plastic tubing) and a Batman Walkie-Talkie Phone Set (two red rotary-dial telephones linked by a wire). New Items. Pre-Owned. The simplest and best turned out to be a 2" web work belt from the hardware store. Mattel Batman Classic TV Series Bat Utility Belt Replica Video Review & Images - DC Comics - Action Figures Toys News, Factory Entertainment The Batman Batarang Replica. This is a very rare and sort after box and one box which is acclaimed by sum bat collectors as the holy grail of their collections. Bar-Zim produced a licensed periscope bearing bright, vibrant pictures of Batman and Robin with the Batmobile, Batplane, and Whirlybat copter. Overall, apart from the listed defects, the box is in Excellent Condition with nice color and the corners are near perfect. The Simpsons' even made a gag about West's Batman utility belt, imaging an episode where Batman and Robin are tied to a spinning carousel. Marx Toys rose to the challenge with a battery-powered Princess-style BATMAN HOT-LINE BATPHONE in the requisite red. Related: It's Official: Batman Giving Away His Money Would NOT Save Gotham. More importantly, Rick could see from the start this item had significant sentimental value. Thanks to this infographic from artist Kevin Tong (via Info-Rama), it's possible to list the many utility belt gadgets Adam West's Batman - who Bruce Lee refused to lose a fight to - deployed over the show's three seasons. This rendition was used again in Batman: Year One and used by almost every artist in the Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight comics series. Bricker - LEGO Minifigura - cty1371 Fire - Reflective Stripes with . 1966 DC Comic (j#6029), Batman Classic TV 1966 43 Inch Replica - Utility Belt, Batman 1966 Ideal Utility Belt Playset Child Sized Pistol Red Trigger No Logo. 1966 Utility Belts. Betsie is also a longtime WorthPoint fan who previously wrote WorthPoints commercial spots for eBay Radio. Please go to the Settings from the Mobile app for more details. 7.1M views, 21K likes, 948 loves, 1.4K comments, 3.3K shares, Facebook Watch Videos from Pawn Stars on History: When a customer brings in a valuable Batman collector's item, Rick is eager to suit up. The original character was created by Bill Finger and Bob Kane and first appeared in Detective Comics #27. Image courtesy of Van Eaton Galleries. Comedy Gaming Food Dance Beauty Animals. Up For Sale Is An Original - 1966 IDEAL Batman Utility Belt AND Box in Very Good Condition. Similar belts are used by the various Robins, Batgirl, and other members of the Bat-family. Collapsible Bat Sword - In Batman: The Brave and the Bold, he was seen unleashing a collapsible sword from his utility belt. In fact, reproduction boxes and blister packs are something of a cottage industry in the world of 1966 Batman collectibles. $59.96. For the base belt, I've used a could different belts. . By using our Services, you agree to our use of cookies. Although seemingly unremarkable in appearance, the utility belt is one of Batman's most important tools in fighting crime. Like so many other 1966 Bat-products, the cereal boxes were remarkable for their pop-art imagery and campy verbiage: KIDS! Pow! Another way to buy. Georgia 30328 | 877.481.5750, Hot Toys Batman Classic TV Series Batman figure, The Antique Turkey Platter: Rarely Used Dish Could Pay for Christmas and then Some, Elusive Coins: Theyre Out There Somewhere, Game-Used Bats: The Challenge of Authentication. Atlanta, Some nice compromises here without completely sacrificing the spirit of the prop. Bam! That distinctive Bat-packaging is one of the things that contemporary collectors love about vintage 1966 Bat-merchandise. One of the most iconic items the Caped Crusader has in his arsenal is the Batmobile he uses to pursue his enemies. Whatever the reason, Batman has almost always kept a couple of smoke bombs in his belt, making them one of the few mainstays of Batmans crime-fighting tools. In one episode, a dangerous insect came at Robin and Batman seemingly had no more room for spray cans in his utility belt, and so rather than pull out some regular bug spray, he . Batman (1966) Batman Batman Batman . I'm the original owner of this piece and played with it as a young boy, as dreams of being a insanely wealthy, and the famous crime fighting "Caped Crusader" danced in my head. The iconic Shark Repellent Bat Spray infamously used in the 1966 Batman movie featuring Adam West is a canonical item Batman has kept inside his utility belt. If this item contains incorrect or inappropriate information please, Relevant Now that's out of the way, a brief introduction. Marx's Bagatelle Batman Game featured the popular Dynamic Duo from the comics taking down Blockbuster as well as other foes.

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