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fnaf timeline copypasta

On high alert because of the history of the brand, Fazbear Entertainment buys new animatronics, with facial recognition software. 18 - FNaF 3 happens and Michael tries to end it all by burning the place down and killing Afton. (He is also fired because of general unprofessionalism which can be inferred to be him being nervous/shady around customers.- FNaF 2 location gets shut down shortly after (Due to the 5 murders from Afton and the bite of 87 Toy Chica does the bite; the evidence can be found by analysing her post-jumpscare voicelines) and the toy animatronics get scrapped - souls released. Fans speculate and have come up with hundreds of versions of the timeline that include side games, fan games, and more. Ennard wore Michaels body as a disguise until it decayed, at which point Ennard had no choice but to eject himself into the sewers. Since police never found the missing childrens bodies, it seems that William was able to avoid spending much time in jail, if any. I don't believe Ballon Boy came from sister location. Second thing, I would like to thank my brother for all of help. Some fans have formed detailed timelines, mapping out every piece of lore and when it originated. Since the original Five Nights at Freddy's in 2014, the timeline and lore have grown exponentially. Much to his surprise, however, the spirits haunting the animatronics attacked him in the restaurants safe room, chasing him into the spare Spring Bonnie costume that William had once used to lure them to their deaths. Baby somehow splits from Ennard and now we have scrap baby (Elizabeth) and molten Freddy (Mrs. Afton - previously Ballora). Since we know that FNaF 2 takes place in 1987 (paycheck) and that what i assume to be Michaels bite takes place in '83, i think it is entirely possible that he could do this. Five Nights at Freddy's Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Anyway.For years, many have pondered and debated one simple question. The children died within a month. FNaF SL: Michael Afton (Schmidt) is sent by his father to go save his long lost sister, Elizabeth, from Circus Baby's Entertainment and Rental after Baby had killed her during her birthday party. Though Afton is previously shown as the Purple Guy, he was still human while working at Fredbears Family Diner. The happiest day minigame and the FNaF 3 good ending represent the souls being released from the animatronics not the souls being put to rest. The Entire FNaF timeline FNaF 1: The Animatronics are possessed by spirits of dead kids killed by William Afton (Purple Guy) using Spring Bonnie. I couldn't save you then, so let me save you now. You've saved up all your money; great! Henry was Fredbear, and William was Bonnie. This also makes sense because the older brother would be asking Michael (the crying child/his younger brother) if he remembered them in the survival logbook "do you remember them?". Fazbear Entertainment tries one last time to keep the franchise alive. 7. (Proof is Michael speaking to William at the end of sister location (cutscene)). Hidden in the source code of Scott Cawthons website was a schedule for when Baby, Ballora, Funtime Freddy and Funtime Foxy would be rented out for parties and events. Its also possible that William had already discovered Remnant at this point in the timeline and created Baby to kidnap children and bring them to his robotics lab to experiment on them. Since Ennard is the endoskeleton inside Spring Bonnie, Springtrap is the only real, moving animatronic in the game. Henry is William Afton's business partner and designs the animatronics for Afton Robotics. Furthermore, the puppet is the only logical choice for this position since process of elimination leaves only the Puppet to be the one who would be buried there. Baby and the rest of the clown animatronics were retired and presumably stored in Williams underground robotics lab. Apologies for the long post I wanted to make sure to include as much detail as possible to help construct a more complete timeline. Your lust of blood has driven you in endless circles. entire fnaf lore copypasta. Over the restaurants first week in operation, Springtrap, Scrap Baby, Molten Freddy, and a strange animatronic named Lefty appeared in the alley outside the restaurant. As such, its more likely that theLogbookcomes from his shifts in FNAF 1. Reddit and its partners use cookies and similar technologies to provide you with a better experience. The animatronics can do many kid-friendly things, but as Baby tells us in Sister Location, her code is also programmed to count the children in the room, and when there is only one child in the room, she is coded to lure them in with ice cream and kill them by pulling them into her abdomen. Its likely that, since no bodies were found, he managed to escape a long jail sentence once again. Fnaf Full timeline - Timeline Download Export Duplicate Embed 6074 views 1 1 Fnaf Full timeline Created by Popcorn drawings Updated 29 Jan 2021 List of edits Comments Send Endo Bendo Ennard never lives with mike, The fake ending in SL is not cannon. I hope it's clear enough to understand. So, here how Sister Location ties into all of the other games, in the form of a timeline. TheFive Nights at Freddystimeline begins with the opening of the original Fredbears Family Diner. even if he couldn't for whatever reason, when Afton 'remade' him, i dont see why it is impossible for him to be remade a little bit older. The event likely caused the spring lock animatronics to be retired permanently, and Fredbears Family Diner has probably closed shortly afterward as well. Thats more than i write for my English essays. FNAF1 Phone guy says the animatronics were being used for 20 years. UCN: The One they should not have killed traps his murderer in an endless purgatory/hell as revenge for what they did to him. they threw the one that had foxy mask's little brother into the fredbear witch caused the bite of 87 IN 1987. no one knows how fredbear's model is like big and stuff and springbonnie's has eyelashes, and so that means springtrap model was remade or something no one knows or cares ok so. No funny business whatsoever. To all night guard entities, this is not an admission of guilt. What i believe is that this is the older brother jumping in to protect a childhood friend. (yes, the 3 before 4 thing was intentional. The Crying Child had a habit of running off to this location and did so frequently enough that his father became enraged. (The spirit who possesses Golden Freddy) This also explains the spirit that possesses the survival logbook because it is not the spirit of whoever possesses Golden Freddy, it is the older brother who possesses Fredbear. they threw the one that had foxy mask's little brother into the fredbear . The bite of 83 was caused by bullying, not by violent animatronics. After bite of '83 Fredbear is dismantled and his endoskeleton becomes Yenndo from SL. Its also possible that William used the Remnant from the victims of the FNAF 2 Missing Childrens Incident to possess the Funtimes before Michaels shifts in Sister Location, then returned to the FNAF 1 location later to dismantle the classic animatronics and collect the Remnant from the first Missing Childrens Incident. Freddy Fazbears Pizzeria closes. By the end of the year, she transferred to the Pizzaplex and began working as the head security officer despite not being recommended for the position after her interview. After the first few children went missing in Freddy Fazbears Pizzeria, Henry Emily created a Security Puppet animatronic to protect his daughter, Charlotte Charlie Emily, while he couldnt watch over her in Fredbears Family Diner. In theLogbook, there are several references to Michaels experience at Circus Babys Entertainment and Rentals, so its safe to say that he wrote in theLogbooksometime after he had already visited the facility inSister Location. So, here how Sister Location ties into all of the other games, in the form of a timeline. Hopefully. Anything i didn't comment on, i thought was simply a difference in opinions about events and a difference in our theories so i was kind of neutral on them therefore i had no response. Even disregarding real world trademark timelines, SL's earliest possible placement would be '86 with older bro as Mike and cutscenes in '83. Jeremy was switched to the dayshift to cover Williams final shift, and the restaurant attempted to contact the original owner of Fredbears Family Diner to find a last-minute replacement for the night shift. The actual timeline betweenSister Location, FNAF 1, and FNAF 3 is extremely difficult to piece together, not to mention a major debate within the fanbase. Due to the murder of yet another child, Freddy Fazbear closes its doors once again. Henry designs violent animatronics. 3 - Charlies murder (Midnight motorist minigame + Security puppet minigame and save him minigame) Charlie becomes puppet. So, I know it can be a bit ovewwhewming, but I'm hewe to teww you thewe's nothing to wowwy about. Lastly, my theory interprets Golden Freddy as an aged Spring Freddy, the next gen incarnation of Fredbear made for Fredbear and Friends along with Spring Bonnie. The series namesake, Five Nights at Freddy's, has no confirmed date in the timeline, but fans widely agree that it likely takes place in 1993. FNAF fans seem to be split right down the middle regarding which events happened when, so I wanted to make a special note of the major theories about the timeline between these three games. Eventually, Freddy Fazbears Pizza was shut down, likely due to the companys irreparable reputation after the tragedies that occurred throughout its history. If he is crying child, he would be too young to legally work as a night guard in 1987. However, scanning Springtraps CPU brought a certain someone back. Aftons daughter was at a birthday party where Baby had been rented to, and she went to play with Baby alone against her fathers wishes. Its also possible that he salvaged parts from the classic animatronics to get Remnant for the Funtimes as well. After only a few short weeks of operation, the restaurant closed, and the toy animatronics were sent back to Circus Babys Entertainment and Rentals to be scrapped. Please bear with the site, you may see some graphical errors here and there. Twitter. My current interpretation of the FNAF timeline r/fnaftheories. If thats the case, Sister Location would have to take place after FNAF 1 since William likely dismantled the classic animatronics for their Remnant after the FNAF 1 location had already closed, making it impossible for Sister Location to take place first. Another Freddy Fazbears Pizzeria opens. This would also explain the reoccurring Its me from FNaF 1 because its the older brother trying to get the younger brother to recognize him. Players can salvage animatronics and rearrange their restaurant layout before tackling the nights from the security office in traditional FNAF fashion. (Afton Robotics LLC was an attempt by William to distance himself from Faz Ent). To all night guard entities, this is not an admission of guilt. A couple things before the timeline, I would like to say that this is a draft of the timeline and not 100% complete so constructive criticism is welcomed as well as notifying me of big holes in my timeline. MatPat says FNAF1 takes place in 2003, but I digress. 84024. So, while many fans don't agree on the true Fazbear Pizza timeline, the main series games are the only ones considered canon by creator Scott Cawthon and other developers, and these games have fairly straightforward time stamps. During Michaels first week on the job, Baby told him the story of how she killed and became possessed by Elizabeth Afton, though she didnt understand why. and our Henry designs violent animatronics. Baby says in game that she never went to another birthday party after that. Purple guy gets crushed in a Spring Bonnie suit due to damp conditions and Ennard is mostly crushed, and locked inside the private employees only room that was then off limit. 21 - That point makes heaps of sense especially considering her post-jumpscare voiceline where she says something about her beak being buried in your forehead. But yeah. The main series' lore found in the original 2014 game comes from newspaper clippings and some stories told in recordings. Fornote - OHHHH boy basically, in my timeline, the older brother (foxy mask guy) is who possesses Fredbear in the end. In a tragic twist of fate, Baby captured and killed Elizabeth despite Williams apparent efforts to keep his daughter away from the killer animatronic he had created. The Funtimes, led by Baby, are sick of their prison and combine to create Ennard, removing Mike's innards and using him as a skin suit until he's rotten into a nasty purple. During the party, Michael and his friends cornered the Crying Child and dragged him close to the Fredbear animatronic, shoving his head inside Fredbears mouth to scare him. Expunged would been cheating bambi. We play as Mike Schmidt. Regardless of the torment, he was experiencing, the Crying Childs birthday party was still scheduled to take place at Fredbears Family Diner. We have updated to use Cloudflare. 11 - FNaF 2 happens, Mike is trying to get to the animatronics to free the souls in them from the foxy gogogo minigame. Spring Bonnie, now known as Springtrap, attacked Michael during his shifts. 1.555.555.555 | gnocchi di castagne con pancetta. My responses will be based according to your points, not an in order timeline so apologies for any confusion. Original pasta My name is Fredrick Fitzgerald Fazbear. Fredbears Family Diner. FNAF TIMELINE 1 - Fredbear's family diner opens (Introduction of Spring Freddy (Fredbear) and Spring bonnie) 2 - Fredbear Junior's opens (Fredbear and friends) because 1st location was so successful (Introduction of Freddy and gang) The Withered animatronics are fixed and sent back to the FNaF 1 location ready for the reopening/opening. (In the house you can find an empty girls bedroom - Elizabeths bedroom). The series namesake, Five Nights at Freddy's, has no confirmed date in the timeline, but fans widely agree that it likely takes place in 1993. Gamers play as Gregory, a young boy who has managed to stay inside of Freddy Fazbear's Mega Pizzaplex after closing, and is faced with roaming animatronics attempting to capture him. Thanks. 15 Games to Play if You Love Five Nights at Freddy's, Hogwarts Legacy Player Hits Conjuration Cap By Building Absolutely Stunning Vivarium, Hogwarts Legacy Companion Quest Makes More Sense Depending on One Early Choice. After little bro is chomped in bite of '83, Afton opens CB pizza world to harvest remnant for deceased little bro with funtime series, Michael witnesses sister Elizabeth scooped by Baby, which motivates him to search for her in FNaF 2, where some CB pizza world animatronics are kept. Intro (FNAF 6) Lyrics. modern curtains for living room 2021. I was shocked too.). This ending represents the fact that these souls now have resolution where they can rest in peace (hence the gravestones.) Also, Luis (Vannys co-worker) wants to smash. You play as Afton, who is there to retrieve the body of his daughter from Babys abdomen (speculation, no proof). Between the combination of financial and sanitation issues, the once-popular restaurant had no choice but to close its doors. Having finally achieved his goal of finding his father, Michael burned Fazbear Frights down before opening day in an attempt to kill Springtrap. RELATED: How Long is Five Nights at Freddy's: Security Breach? Note: This page is under construction. As the child sits in the dark, they're visited by nightmare versions of common FNAF animatronics Chica, Bonnie, Freddy, and Foxie. 17 - Michael assumes that William is dead but when Fazbears Fright opens up 30 years later, Michael goes to check it out. 21 - FNaF 7 is Aftons special hole in hell meant to make him relive all of the horrors he caused and suffer indefinitely for the rest of eternity. At the end of his first week, Michael was fired for tampering with the animatronics once again. New Year, New Site. I like your timeline theory (especially the phone guy is older brother bit, that's a creative one I've never heard before) but found some issues I'd like you to address. On the other hand, many fans believe that the Funtime animatronics from Sister Location was created with the Remnant William extracted from the classic animatronics. Players find themselves in the shoes of Mike Schmidt, yet another nighttime security guard for Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. Five Nights at Freddys 3. Players find themselves in the shoes of Mike. An indie dev apparently made games based on what happened previously with their help and to profit off of their new status as horror icons, they create a fun VR game. tvtta penslar i vasken. WHOLE FNAF STORY AND TIMELINE! Fazbear Entertainment is formed and buys the characters (Freddy Fazbear, Bonnie, Chica, Foxy and Golden Freddy) from Henry and William Afton. 7) William TRIES to revive his son but fails because he needs an animatronic as a vessel (if he succeeded he wouldn't need to keep killing kids) and thus tries to learn the secret of "give gifts, give life". The game plays a cutscene, showing a video of the pizzeria burning down with the animatronics trapped inside and cuts out as the fire consumes the building and its contents.

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