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fort lewis, washington barracks

The sergeant and his cohort ran after the culprits, but the duffel bag was tossed out the back window into waiting arms and spirited away. He marched us back and had us stand in formation in front of the barracks. Dan Perez: What year did you do basic? Sept - Dec 1968. Old memories, good now in retrospect. If any guys from Alpha One One Jan 71 see this send me an email at Got us ready Wassup Dale? I sauntered in and hid my loot on top of the ventilation ducting over the toilets. I took BCT on North Fort Lewis 1971 (Oct to Dec) A-3-2 1st Platoon Drill Sgt. Signed up in San Antonio, Tx. Visit Our Website. Troy this is very sad, have you never found your bunk mate ?? Podcast We at Joint Base Lewis-McChord Exchange are thrilled to welcome you to any of our facilities. Brown (1-11-1967 -0 wk. I was in Ft Lewis from March 1970 until May 1970 in B-3-2. Shepard a really tall, black guy? 54 Echo stationed at Ft Lewis 1982. Do you recall? Find Navy Federal Branches and ATMs in your area. He was an Airborne Ranger, black belt in Karate, and looked like a black Arnold Schwarzenegger. Totally corrupt and physically abuse DI Rod Walters. Only 3 of the WW II type buildings were left of the ones where I had basic (E-4-1) /AIT (B-2-3) in 71. Mitchell Rogers - "SP4" is Specialist 4". When World War I ended in 1918, the Nisqually people petitioned for their land to be returned to them, but the request was denied by the Secretary of War, Newton Baker.[4]. It sits on my entertainment center. Phillips noticed what I had done. If that area had a basketball court across the area where mail was dished out, then that's the same place. I was there February 1971 B11. Didn't make it to Viet Nam. Fort Lewis, due to its size and reserved land, serves as an important habitat for amphibian development and study. We were assingned to guard duty at the stockade. Hi soldiers! Free shipping for many products! I was in 2nd plt. The army bases roots proved advantageous during World War I and sowed even more fruit when World War II came. Tom Williams I am looking to see if anyone has any photos. Lots of people sick with upper respiratory infection. But the memories will always remain. Jan-Feb 1968. Im looking for anyone who knew him at basic before Vietnam. Dave Mueller Interesting reading all these posts after this many years. Kelly Allen and I took a bike trip in 88 and revisited our barracks. But no one wanted to be recycled, so we didn't go on sick call. There was a Hispanic DI named Hernandez, i think, short guy. I never went home after Basic, we just marched across the parade field to our AIT (Infantry training) for another 8 weeks then went home for less than 30 days then flown back to Fort Lewis (McCord AFB) where we were flown to South Vietnam Yes it was a memory I will never forget. He was a Drill Sgt. I was in B-3-1 and graduated in Nov 70. The unit began as the 2122st Garrison Support Unit (Army Reserve), overseeing the mobilization of about 27,000 Soldiers. He would have likely been at the North Fort; and there were trainees in all directions during the time you indicate. Anybody there? Units can be deployed from McChord Field, and individuals and small groups can also use nearby Sea-Tac Airport. . They are the HQ for 8th Bde, Army ROTC for 8 western states and Guam/American Samoa. Had basic in 1970 Ft. Lewis wanted to know if there are any pictures of the old barracks they where a single floor building I swear all the boot polish held them together. One guy tried a couple of times to take his life. I believe he was already suffering from PTSD because of his short fuse. Read on to find out more about this amazing Washington Army base. I was one of his Squad leaders. The 1st Joint Mobilization Brigade disbanded in late May 2014. He was great to. 50 of us spent 10 days at the reception station at Ft. Ord. Sherman was a DS when I was there at the same time. Basic: B-1-1 11/9/66 - 2/67. Assisted Medics in various dispensaries wherever they assigned the Ambulance that day. I saw him in Da Nang, Vietnam during the war. September 2014 Bush Hat Just wanted to show you what the Fort Lewis barracks look like, this is my set up and it's a cool place to be. We wore a white "magot tag" that showed we were trainees. D-5-2 April - June, 1971 The arch was built of fieldstone and squared logs resembling the old blockhouses which stood in the northwest as forts. Home of record: Southern Oregon.I need help with some questions regarding this time. B-5-2 April-May 1968. Very tough time in basic if you weren't in shape coming in. I hope you or someone else can help me connect the dots, my memory not too good anymore. Sometime in the early 1960s Interstate 5 was built through the fort separating the northwest corner of the fort, and creating "Northfort". There were about 5 songs playing everywhere: Three were: Cheri Amour (Stevie Wonder), Sugar Sugar (Archies) and Wait a Million years (Grassroots). 30 nov 1970 D-4-1 devils best friend Garry Berber; DI Sgt Young cold wet spinal men sick with colds. All my old paperwork from our platoon was lost in a flood. President George W. Bush greets US troops 18 June at Fort Lewis Army Base in Washington. D41. Those old barracks have been demolished and the road we fell out on is now open to the public. ( Drill Sergeants: GRAVES, KINCADE OR possibly FORCADE ). But I've been lucky all my life! Spanaway 1 : 24000. I was at Ft.Lewis March 13 1970 to May 1970 in B 3 2. He was always telling us someone would hit us between "your snot-box and your cox-sucker" if we kept messing up. I cant help but wonder what ever happened to these individuals. I don't remember his name. Good luck to all the a-3 -1 alpha gators! Remember Ft. Lewis very well. I believe it was Drill Sgt Pino. He was a bad ass, but he sure could sing. Wallace. Office wanted someone with a degree so I stayed until offered a six month early out because of the RIF in 1972. You can also find other Military Bases on MapQuest Does anybody remember the DI's name? Came down on levey to Nam and was thee until July 71. D11, California Mod squad. Upon graduation was sent to Ft Sam Houston Texas in San Antonio. Enter on West Entrance Rd. West Coast Self-Storage Dupont (253) 964-8888. Basic training in 1971, A-2-2, 1st platoon, SGT Gogo was the Drill Sargent, small but fast. Pennywell. I was there in April-May 1971. First thing, he took us to the PX and said we could buy anything we wanted. Current Address: 302 Kray Ike Court, Wenatchee, WA 98801 Mobile Phone: View Current Number Email: View Current Email View On Map. Encompassing more than 320,000 acres (500sqmi; 1,300km2), YTC is a world-class facility. One funny story about my basic. All trees are to be left standing; post policy prohibits cutting or trimming them. Fagan was an acting E-5 and a dick. At Ft. Lewis with a bunch of guys from Butte, NT. Foreign passport with a current arrival-departure record or foreign passport with INS Form I-94/I- 94A bearing the same names as the passport and containing an endorsement of the aliens nonimmigrant status, if that status authorizes the alien to work for an employer They now fall under the authority of the Army and are referred to as Joint Base Lewis-McChord. Drill Sgt. The outside portion was 13 red and white stripes, and when you swung both doors open, there was a field of blue, with 50 stars. Was that John Zimmerman. Hill, Christian, and Adam Ashton, "Is Lewis-McChord A 'Troubled Base'? TRAINING ALERT: Joint Base Lewis-McChord will conduct day and nighttime artillery, demolitions, and mortar training from Feb. 28 at 12 a.m. to March 3 at 11:59 p.m. For more info, visit . Can't believe I made it through all that. I was fortunate. Fort Lewis 1 : 24000. 7362, RPPC at the best online prices at eBay! I had basic training there 1969 from fort Lewis I went to fort ord California for infantry training and leadership School. We had Sgt. November 2012 I got luck and was sent to Ft Sam Houston TX for Medic training. People without a Washington State Enhanced Drivers License or ID must provide one of the following forms of ID to get a base pass: I was in E-1-1. It is one of the active Army's contingency corps. Does anybody recall the address of those baracks? What a beautiful lake. Duane Phillips and he reminded my of John Wayne in the Sands of Iwo Jima. Fagan was our DI, a genuine pain in the ass. A-4-2. WWII era temp. Relatives & associates include . Every time they shot one off, it was like the loudest bang in the world. Steve, the only thing I can say that makes sense from your time to mine was the losses during Tet early 1968, they needed you and you were one of the best they had so they made an exception. I was E-1-1 1968 before the Nam! Julie Titone Audiobook I drove through the checkpoint without stopping.and they didn't chase usjust like in the Nam and just like when I was in the Army in 71. Most of my basic buddies were scattered and didnt get sent to Nam due to the desclation of troops. Dak To 22 YO then and I just turned 72. Cant recall names of other NCOS but he made a real impression on me. During our runs he would sing the cadence that would put a spell on you. Echo Company, First Batallion, First Brigade. Everybody hated the guy, he drove us like cattle, but in looking back, all he was doing was preparing us to go to Vietnam and survive. B 5 2. So you were there in the cycle before me. Retirement and Weltschmerz. February 2014 We had a Sgt (a Black man) Sgt Spoon and the junior spoons thought that it was great fun to harass the trainees on KP. Just wondering if this might have been you? Location: Joint Base Lewis McChord, WA Duration: Permanent, Direct Hire Salary: $125-130K (Based on Experience) SUMMARY . I remember the big guy by the name of Spicer. Duane Phillips. Fort Lewis 1967 B-3-2 Drill Sgts. We saw a guy in the next barracks, being carried out on a stretcher, dead. Had your initial and last four of your ssa # on your clothes, My Dad is John Nix. All windows were open about 8" at night to prevent colds. COVID-19 Notice. Dale Dehnke, George Paige, Steve Shannon and Joe Esparza. I visited theLew 20 years later for fun and wow all the memories. October 2012 I have our graduation picture should anyone want a copy. I've not seen any of them since. Since our BTC was the first ALL Volunteer group to cycle through Ft Lewis, the Cadre did not meds with us at all day or night. The night we came in, we were ordered to clean that court from snow with our tiny shovels, and another taller drill sargeant who looked like a Great Dane atop a platform and silhouetted against the morning sky, barking orders at us! We were there 3 years apart but our barracks werent that far apart and both still there in 88. I also recall a LT Gill who was a piece of work but who isn't at that age. The post supports over 120,000 military retirees and more than 29,000 family members living both on and off post. Send Julie an email. Went back and backpacked through the Cascades a few years ago. John Trainor. Graves and Drill Sgt. D company 4th BN 1st BDE (10 cycle) 1969 Basic B-1-1 and then AIT on the other side of the parade field. Perform a full range of clinical laboratory tests in any one or a combination of the following sections of the laboratory: hematology, chemistry, cytology, histotechnology, urinalysis, serology . Gerber was Company Cdr. JBLM Main & North have abundant high-quality, close-in training areas, including 115 live fire ranges. Was in D12, Sargent Mooney was our DI. Now I've never been much for schadenfreude, but damn, sometimes a fellow just must indulge. Nov 1970 - Jan 1971, A-1-1, DI SSGT Delano. Captain David L. Stone and his staff arrived at the camp site 26 May 1917, and a few days later the initial construction began. Blue Summit Realty & Property Management. As in B-3-2Bravo Company-what-what? Terrible weather, too many trips in low crawl pit. She was watching a soldier with a stupid grin dump an entire bottle of bleach into the washing machine. I distinctly remember are welcome as we got of the bus from the train depot every expletive you can imagine came out of the DS mouth. One latter training march, we went about 20 miles and then set up guard perimeters and lay down in fighting positions we dug in the mud, which slowly filled with water, while vainly trying to keep warm. He is a black man. You must remember the B-1-1 CO. A big guy in tailored fatigues, CIB,etc. SFC Jones and his Platoon SGTS were Positively Motivated and determined to help each trainee to maximize everything taught, learned and applied for immediate and future application/use. June to September. 253-967-1110. B Company Fort Lewis, WA Gate Locations; Fort Lewis, WA Base Directory; BAH Rates | Lodging | Units; Military Friendly Local Businesses. E-1-1 was in the hospital for about 3 weeks with pneumonia. Ours was DS Robles an E6 who had been to VN as 11B. He was a veteran of the battle of Pork Chop Hill in Korea. SEARCH. Troops were using them for city warefare training. I volunteered for 2nd shift 'fire watch' so I could go down to the furnace room and light 'em up. We got to hang out but had to be there for muster calls on the loud speakers. About every 5 weeks would be assigned to guard duty at motor pool or headquarters. Madigan Army Medical Center is one of only 21 surgical simulation centers in the U.S. to achieve a Level One status, the highest for surgical education excellence. I enlisted to be a social worker and psychiatric helper which I was guaranteed by the US Army. Hours: Monday . Looking for pictures of Basic Training Unit A-3-2 May '69 thru Sept.'69. I sort of remember Long and definitely Senior DI Hernandez (he was older, big belly and his given name was Juventino). Soldiers demonstrating artillery techniques in front of chapel and barracks, Fort Lewis, 1941. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Aerial View Fort Lewis Army Base Washington WA Continental 4X6 Postcard Rainier at the best online prices at eBay! I was in basic training at Ft. Lewis from Feb 11, 1970 to April 1970. Vince Gerling. we had two Sgt. I may be considered a reactionary but I'll take 1950s thru the 1970s as a great time to be young. Oct.1968. (I have to go now). D-3-1 September '67 thru December '68. This base incorporates Fort Lewis, McChord Field, and Camp Murray. The per capita income for the base was $12,865. My D.I was Sgt. First units to go through basic since korean war. . 30 Nov 1970, D-3/1. In 2009, the former Fort Lewis Regional Correction Facility was remodeled and renamed the Northwest Joint Regional Correctional Facility (NWJRCF). I was sitting, waiting for my stuff when I heard a lady gasp in horror. I was also in A-3-2 late July to Oct. 3, 1969. Thanks , I was flown to Also had a Sgt. In 1972, the 9th Infantry Division (United States) was reactivated, and trained there until its deactivation in 1991. We had Drill Sgts. Dan, I started AIT when your VOLAR basic trainiing started. Lol. I did my Basic Training there. U.S. Government issued, authenticated Federal PIV credentials, I recently took a tour with my grandson. Many were gone. My drill sergeant was Sgt. I carried toilet paper in my pockets during training. My last week of basic I was given my alert orders to go to Fort Sam Houston to be a medic.. 564th Quartermaster Company, 12324 18th Street, Fort Lewis, WA (2023) Home Cities Countries honor platoon every week expect one. If any of my brothers remember me as there DS get in touch with nice to chat. Thank you. Search public notices by typing keywords in the Search field below, or by checking one or more boxes beside the filters listed on the right side. Our DI was awesome, but when he was gone for a few days, the DI from a neighboring platoon substituted for him. Guest Readers Camp Lewis passed from the hands of Pierce County and became the property of the federal government when the deed for 62,432 acres (253km2) was recorded in the county auditor's office in Tacoma. Fork to the . I think we were all borderline pneumonia cases. Drill sergeant Thomas was my drill instructor. We normally weren't allowed to buy anything but essentials at the PX, but this DI was so friendly. It was in November of 2017. Driver license or identification card issued by a State or outlying U.S. possession that is Real ID compliant. Was in D.1.1 April 17 1969 drill srg Lamb, E-5-2, SSGT RICHARD E. BURTON, AUG 1969 BEST OF THE BEST. Phil I wish you had put together my previous comments and saved yourself a trip.not ONE barracks left.close your eyes and listen"I wanna be an airborne ranger" it's as close as you will get. Thanks Phil, thats good intel. I was with you there B1-1 Potter was black Saling was Small went to Vietnam in March 1968 6th bat 31 inf. I received basic training starting February 14th 1968 at North fort lewis. March 2014 According to the United States Census Bureau, the CDP has a total area of 15.9 square miles (41.2km2), of which, 15.3 square miles (39.6km2) of it is land and 0.6 square miles (1.6km2) of it is water. Prince (and what a lovely guy he was! Nearly all of us were Reserve in our barracks. Bob Robbins Good Times. The facility is an amalgamation of the . Long time ago now, Bruce and Troy I was in Bearcat 1st Cav A228 and bn I played crown and anchors with the Austin's and ate hot Thai food 1968 March to 1971 Sept, Drafted 7 Dec 1967, started Basic Jan 68. Went out once a week. I don't know much about his time there other than the Year he graduated. 390 Comments. . SGT Dunn, Fort Sill, Ok. Fort Lewis, also known as Joint Base Lewis-McChord (JBLM), is located near Tacoma, Washington. I told my drill sergeant that was wrong and that I was suppose to be a social worker and psychiatric helper and he said "Damn it Colton your going to be a G** Dam Medic. The total area is 3.78% water. "Aspirin, or bad rest, and then be recycled." 1970 February 9 to April 3 C42 anyone know me? His grave states we was an SP4, not sure what that is. The field is now used by Army helicopters. Vail & SSG Weston, (Baxter, Williamson, Maddox, there went on to OCS with me).3-25-67 to 5-20-67; OC 69-67, 62nd Co., 3rd Plt., 2nd Sqd., Ft. Benning, GA, 6-7-1967-did not start till 6-26-67.Grad 2nd Lt, Dec. 12-1967. My wife visited a friend in Olympia and probably drove near the base with our daughter inlaw. I was with 2/2 in 1981 thru 1983. I was at Ft Lewisin February 1971C-2-1Sgt.Staley BCT with D-2-1 September 1971, SGT Smith was my DI - Chicago and Cleveland draftees - finished up and went to FT Sam Houston to train as a Medic and later worked as an E-5 Drug Counselor / Neuropsychiatric Technician (91F2Z) in Okinawa '72-'73. March 2015 Plei Trap The obstacle course by it is gone. I was in the 2nd Platoon. My bunk mate came down with Meningitis, but survived. Carroll McInroe Ray Heltsley Sergeant Hungerford was D.I while Sergeant Blood was PT manWe probably had some of your leftovers? I don't remember his first name. This was the exact same place where our brave soldiers spend their time after fight fearlessly for our country. George Callan June/69-Aug/69. AKA Hodge Philadelphia.7/9/1969 Basic training at Fort Bragg NC. Drill instuctors were Colvin and Carter. I remember Sgt. Low crawling under barb wire at night with machine gun fire and explosives. We had a brand new 2nd LT (LT French), all of 18 years old, who insisted on calling us "son". My other uniforms hang in a closet in my home. At some point in all of that, he was promoted to sergeant Joseph Heller Came home and served 6 years and discharged Jan 1976. Not sure why this happens I did sign up once again but will have to say all the years on the site I have yet to meet up with anyone from the time I was there. Fort Lewis was a United States Army post from 1917 to 2010 located 9.1 miles (14.6 km) south-southwest of Tacoma, Washington.

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