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frisco isd coaching stipends

Frisco ISD Secondary Instructional Coaches are teacher leaders who increase the professional capacity of teachers through job-embedded professional development on high school and middle. View a full list of benefits available to FISD employees. Somerset Partnership NHS Foundation Trust. Our Schools. Salaried employees hired during the school year shall be paid in accordance with administrative regulations. A district shall indicate that any incentive payment distributed is considered a payment for performance and not an entitlement as part of an employee's salary. Evidence that the voting occurred during the school year and in a manner that ensured that all educators entitled to vote had a reasonable opportunity to participate in the voting. Job Title: Elementary Instructional Coach. To receive the stipend, staff must have been employed from at least April 1 to May 28 in budgeted, allocated positions. Of the number of employees at Katy ISD Patrick Dowling Assistant Director of Athletics, Katy ISD please an! All other Bryan ISD staff will receive a 3 percent . Update my browser now. Competitive pay 3. . %PDF-1.7 % . Memorial High School wrestler Caitlyn Flaherty won the girls 165-pound 5A state title, leading a strong performance by Frisco ISD wrestlers at the UIL State Meet in Cypress. Sign in to save Girls Athletic Campus Coordinator / Teacher(In Anticipation of Future Openings) at Frisco ISD. Follow Frisco ISD Policies, State of Texas School Bus Driver Laws, and Texas CDL Laws. At last weeks district swimming and diving meets at Bruce Eubanks Natatorium, FISD high schools Heritage, Liberty, Panther Creek, Reedy and Wakeland earned titles. hb``` , ea8 V95!CF[KCbhzb^?/?yRd|`=SyJ iu}10W1 + Agrees to participate for four years; and 5. Eligible Frisco ISD staff employed during the coronavirus pandemic will receive a stipend of at least $250 or 1.5% of their salary, whichever is higher, after the Frisco ISD Board of Trustees unanimously approved the resolution Monday night. Remember to share your congratulations with them! All applications for professional, instructional, clerical and/or substitute positions shall be submitted electronically through our online application system which is part of the Region 10 Teacher Job Network. Please upload Resumes using "1 Minute Quick App" link below: Coyote Ridge Elementary. 3957 0 obj <>stream Education A district that has implemented a local optional teacher designation system or received funds under the teacher incentive allotment shall participate in the evaluations. For each classroom teacher with a local optional teacher designation, a district is entitled to an allotment, adjusted by high needs and rural factors, as determined under Education Code 48.112. Dept/School: Teaching and Learning / Assigned Campus. en Fbricas de Software, Event Technician, Audio Visual - Intercontinental Boston, Principal Architect, Trilogy (Remote) - $800,000/year USD, Senior Frontend/Vue.js Developer (relocation to Munich), See who Frisco ISD has hired for this role, Federal Bureau of Prisons - Career Connections. All FISD staff that work in a 15 hour or more per week position are eligible for health benefits through FISD that include the district contribution. Incentive plans shall address teacher eligibility, including any exclusions. In addition to a stipend, nearly half of these districts (49 percent) pay extra days to high school head football coaches. Update my browser now. You can unsubscribe from these emails at any time. However, the name was too similar to a neighboring town. 21, Subch. Visit the Career Advice Hub to see tips on interviewing and resume writing. The Superintendent or designee may assign noncontractual supplemental duties to personnel exempt under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), as needed. El Paso Independent School District. Sign in to create your job alert for Coach jobs in Frisco, TX. Sunrise Mountain Elementary School El Paso Independent School District. Education Code 21.3521(f). By clicking Agree & Join, you agree to the LinkedIn. 829 S. Harrison St. If you are on IE 9 or later and are seeing this error then your browser may be running as a previous version. Schools are liable for negligent or tortious conduct of their faculty members. Northside's athletic stipends range from $485 for a high school water polo coach to $11,730 for a head athletic trainer. At this time the Frisco ISD website requires Internet Explorer 9 or later. 15250 Rolater Road Frisco, TX 75035 Map/Directions 1-5 years. ATHLETIC STIPENDS HIGH SCHOOL: Stipend Stipends per Location Annual Amount Athletic Trainers (3) $ 13,000 Athletic Coordinator (1) $ 5,000 Football Head Coach (1) $ 11,000 . Our mission is to know every student by name and need. He graduated from the University of Texas at Arlington in May 2020 with a degree in Communication Technology. Dept/School: Reedy High School. All educators are eligible to apply annually for grant funding to support innovative classroom ideas. Payments to school coaches are wages subject to applicable employment taxes. High School Athletic Coordinators $5,000 Middle School Coordinator $1,000 Athletic Trainers $6,250. Reports to: Campus Principal. Schedule release time or a reduced teaching load for mentor teachers and classroom teachers under this section to facilitate mentoring activities, including classroom observations or participation in supportive coaching. Select Accept to consent or Reject to decline non-essential cookies for this use. Sign in to save Boys Athletic Coach / Teacher (Core Subject) at Frisco ISD. Secondary Leadership 817-814-2350. Pilot Point ISD. By creating this job alert, you agree to the LinkedIn User Agreement and Privacy Policy. If you have a question regarding the development of the Local Teacher Designation System that isn't listed above, or you would like to provide other general feedback, please fill out this form. The commissioner's rules specify the requirements for districts to implement local teacher designation systems, including: The commissioner's rules establish performance and validity standards for each local optional teacher designation system that: Education Code 21.3521(b); 19 TAC 150.1014, A classroom teacher that holds a National Board Certification issued by the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards may be designated as recognized in accordance with the commissioner's rules for eligibility. Currently, it is possible for a new teacher to earn $72,500 and experienced teachers up to $84,500. The largest bump is for athletic directors, which increased from $5,622 to $11,244. If you are on IE 9 or later and are seeing this error then your browser may be running as a previous version. A district must agree to assign a mentor to a new classroom teacher for at least two school years. Work Year: 184 Days. endstream endobj startxref recommend a 1.5% midpoint raise for all staff, down from a previously planned raise of 3%. Job Title: Assistant Tennis Coach / Teacher. The CARES stipend amount was developed based on the difference, according to Smiths memo. By creating this job alert, you agree to the LinkedIn User Agreement and Privacy Policy. . Phone 817-814-2000. Education Code 21.3521(a). With TEA approval, a district may amend its local plan in accordance with 19 Administrative Code 102.1073(c) and (h) for each school year the district receives a program grant. Get one-on-one advising on your essays, application . June 24, 2021 The Frisco ISD Board of Trustees approved a spending plan this week that prioritizes classroom teachers, campus-based resources and other support systems to address student growth in the 2021-22 school year. The assignment must begin not later than the 30th day of employment of the classroom teacher to whom the mentor teacher is assigned. By clicking Agree & Join, you agree to the LinkedIn. . Athletic stipends accounted for 22 percent of all the district's . Monday's story focuses on a few of those who coach multiple sports. Espaol. The Frisco ISD Class of 2023 includes 12 students who scored the highest possible composite score on either the ACT or SAT college entrance exam. Get email updates for new Track and Field Coach jobs in Frisco, TX. Parent Information Line 817-500-0381. Fraud Hotline 817-814-1971. FRISCO HIGH SCHOOL STAFF ASSIGNMENTS - 2016 - 17. McKinney ISD Pay Grade Descriptions 100 Workdays Minimum Midpoint Maximum Purchasing Manager 226 Daily $219.76 $268.00 $316.24 Technology Junior Desktop Engineer 226 226 days $49,666 $60,568 $71,470 200 Minimum Midpoint Maximum Coordinator - Child Care Programs 236 Daily $241.74 $294.80 $347.86 Implementation and administration of a high-quality mentoring program for teachers in the first three years of classroom teaching using mentors who meet the qualifications prescribed by. Neither past nor future salaries can be calculated, assumed, or predicted based upon the current hiring schedule. Student Growth And Development 5515 Ohio Drive Frisco, Texas 75035 Phone 469.633.6000 Fax 469.633.6050, 2022 Frisco Independent School DistrictSite Feedback | Contact Us | Accessibility | Legal Notices | Staff Password Reset, Update your browser to view this website correctly. Ed.-ES 8752020 Athletics Coordinator/Boys & Girls-MS 2500 Grade Level Chair/PK, K or 1st.-PS (may be divided) 1000 ##### Athletics Coordinator Girls-HS 5800 GYO Teacher Prep Advisor-HS 5500 Athletics Trainer-Head 10200 GYO Mentor FHS Student Teacher-per sem (EOY) 400 Athletics Trainer-Assistant 4500 Instructional Lead . Instructional Coaches; Libraries; Panther Cub Day Care; PEIMS; School Board; Special Programs; Superintendent's Office; Technology; . Paraprofessionals &A$0R,>, The Frisco ISD Board of Trustees updated three Board Operating Procedures at the Feb. 27 Special Board Meeting. Our typical appointment window is Monday-Wednesday 10:00am - 4:30pm. Primary Purpose. 20212022 Stipend Schedule High School Academics. In response, the railroad station took the name Frisco City in March of 1902. Locally developed incentive programs, if any, shall be addressed in the compensation plan of the District. Visit the Career Advice Hub to see tips on interviewing and resume writing. UL2 UIL Coach 1st Event 12 events $800 n/a Campus Leader UL3 UIL Coach 2nd Event varies $400 n/a Campus Leader . Dual Credit, Legislative Session and more. More than 50 Frisco ISD FCCLA students and staff participated in the Region III Leadership Conference with fantastic results. Of Dallas ISD's 121 openings, 77 were at the district's 22 high schools and 44 were spread across its 31 middle schools. Get notified about new Instructional Coach jobs in Frisco, TX. School websites for Frisco Independent School District. Espaol. Frisco ISD 043905 COMPENSATION PLAN DEAA INCENTIVES AND STIPENDS (LEGAL) DATE ISSUED: 6/23/2022 1 of 7 UPDATE 119 DEAA(LEGAL)-P A district shall provide in employment contracts that qualifying em- . You can unsubscribe from these emails at any time. Sign in to create your job alert for Coach jobs in McKinney, TX. Sign in to create your job alert for Campus Coordinator jobs in Frisco, TX. Not later than April 1 of the year in which the waiver application is submitted, the commissioner shall notify the district in writing whether the application has been granted or denied. In this Issue: Job Fair, Bright Academy, Dual Credit and more. Get email updates for new Campus Coordinator jobs in Frisco, TX. We understand the impact the current economy has had on families in our community, as many of our employees spouses and significant others have been impacted by loss of employment or a reduction in pay, Smith said in the memo. In this Issue: 2023-24 Calendar, UNT Now! Librarians on a 197-day calendar will receive an increase of $2,707. Salary Scales / Stipends 2022-2023; Benefit Information; Service Records; Documents and Forms . $57,800: 1 Pay Grade Descriptions PROFESSIONAL 1 Academic Coach 187 Minimum Midpoint Maximum Academic Specialist 187 Daily $304. For more information on common . The combined tax rate, which will be approved in September, is. The Wakeland High School boys and Reedy High School girls won team titles and FISD swimmers and divers won 19 events at the 5A Region 3 Meet at Bruce Eubanks Natatorium. Submit a Comment ; Enve su Comentario ; Resources . & Auxiliary Applicants, Paraprofessionals, Fine Arts Specialist & Auxiliary Applicants, Information for Paras (Aides), Fine Arts Specialists, Auxiliary, and Clerical. At this time the Frisco ISD website requires Internet Explorer 9 or later. Parents Students Staff. Head coaches from 20 area high schools were paid more than $950,000 in stipends for the 2019-20 school year . HIGH SCHOOL. High School School Spirit. You can update your choices at any time in your settings. A district may assign a mentor teacher to each classroom teacher who has less than two years of teaching experience in the subject or grade level to which the teacher is assigned. A school district that decides to provide an incentive or compensation shall adopt a policy to implement this section. The Superintendent shall have authority to submit plans and grant applications for incentive and innovation programs to TEA or other granting organizations on behalf of the Board. Hope Coburn. PRIMARY PURPOSE: The Instructional Coach will assist with closing the student achievement gap and accelerate learning for all . Frisco Independent School District contains 10 high schools. The raise will be calculated using the percentage of the employees actual salary rather than midpoint to provide an equitable increase to more tenured staff. 03/03/2023. A district shall also provide supplemental training to mentor teachers and employees during the school year. Education Code 21.415. Kimberly Kempken. Your job seeking activity is only visible to you. Reports to: Assigned Campus Principal. Still have unanswered questions? Frisco ISD Frisco, TX, Join to apply for the Boys Athletic Coach / Teacher (Core Subject) role at Frisco ISD. Central Elementary. CONTACT US. The salaries listed below are for 184 days. Complies with all assurances in the Notice of Intent to Apply and grant application; Participates in the required technical assistance activities established by the commissioner, including establishing leadership teams, master teachers, mentor teachers, and instructional coaches and developing career pathways; Agrees to participate for four years; and. Frisco ISD distributing stipends of at least $250 for coronavirus-related efforts and expenses Staff who worked during the coronavirus closures will be compensated at least $250 in. MUNIS ACTIVITY CODE 2018-19 Department Head Core -- Department must contain 4 teachers to qualify . Education Code 21.458(a-1). Shortage Stipend (8th-12th grade Math & Science, Certified approved . Somerset Partnership NHS Foundation Trust. Must perform his services personally. Emerson Softball Coach Will Help Lead USA National Team ; 01 27 23; As Emerson High School softball coach Iyhia McMichael prepares the Mavericks for their first varsity season, she's also looking forward to coaching a USA Softball national team later this year. Find content across the site by entering terms below. If you are on IE 9 or later and are seeing this error then your browser may be running as a previous version. The Allen ISD Board adopts a new compensation plan and teacher hiring schedule annually based upon the approved budget for that school year. Broadcast journalism students from across the District recently competed in the 2nd Annual Frisco ISD Broadcast Competition at the CTEC. For personalized and effective admissions consulting,consider Since 2020, the District has been exploring ways to provide incentives for highly effective teachers through the Teacher Incentive Allotment as part of the Districts recruitment and retention efforts. **Flat stipend may be split with only one other employee if campus has more than one special program team. The Teacher Incentive Allotment is part of House Bill 3, passed by the legislature in 2019, that provides a state stipend to teachers who achieve certain designations. Are you sure you want to leave the policy manual? All coaching, athletic, performing arts, bilingual, and special education stipends including those for speech therapy will be pro-rated and paid each month. Frisco ISD McKinney, TX Intermediate English Language Coach Frisco ISD McKinney, TX 2 weeks ago Be among the first 25 applicants See who Frisco ISD has hired for this role No longer. hWkK#I+t0uFg]hCkzcCLB.s:j:ChoVsN]u=)6l#E kIFv(8b4I!J2,IJpc @. Our mission is to know every student by name and need. A teacher assigned as a mentor must: The commissioner's rules for receiving funds under the mentor program allotment specify the requirements for districts to implement a mentor training program, including: To be assigned as a mentor, a teacher must agree to serve as a mentor teacher for at least one school year. A Contingent Offer Letter will be sent to At-Will Paraprofessional/Fine Arts Specialist and/or Auxiliary Employees during the on-boarding process after their background is cleared. By creating this job alert, you agree to the LinkedIn User Agreement and Privacy Policy. 22-23 Adopted Budget ; Board Elections ; Board Policies Online ; Financial Transparency ; Fraud Hotline ; Base Salary: Teacher Pay Scale + Coaching Stipend. Their continued dedication to students and the District is truly admirable. Prosper ISD is a school district located north of Dallas in Collin and Denton Counties. Calendars ; Careers ; Recent News ; Support the District ; Volunteer ; Legal . Ways to schedule an appointment: Send an email to Get email updates for new Coach jobs in McKinney, TX. The $651.3 million general operating budget is based on a projected enrollment of 65,936 students, according to the FISD budget book. Complies with any other activities set forth in . Referrals increase your chances of interviewing at Frisco ISD by 2x. If you already have your National Board Certification, please reach out to Chastity Johnson in HR at so the District is aware and can make sure you receive your automatic state stipend. Employees with multiple advanced degrees are only eligible to receive one advanced degree stipend. Best Places to Work in DFW 8. It is the policy of the district not to discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, handicap, or age in its employment practices as required by Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, as amended; Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972; the Age Discrimination Act of 1975, as amended; and Section 504 of the . Orientation to the context, policies, and practices of the school district; Specific instructional coaching cycles, including coaching regarding conferences between parents and the classroom teacher; Designate a specific time during the regularly contracted school day for meetings between mentor teachers and classroom teachers assigned to a mentor; and. Tyler ISD 1319 Earl Campbell Parkway Tyler, TX 75701 903-262-1000. Education Code 21.406, The Superintendent shall recommend a stipend pay schedule as part of the annual compensation plan of the District. The instructional. endstream endobj 3920 0 obj <>/Metadata 52 0 R/Pages 3917 0 R/StructTreeRoot 56 0 R/Type/Catalog/ViewerPreferences 3936 0 R>> endobj 3921 0 obj <>/MediaBox[0 0 695.45 900]/Parent 3917 0 R/Resources<>/Font<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text]>>/Rotate 0/StructParents 0/Tabs/S/Type/Page>> endobj 3922 0 obj <>stream Education Code 21.3521(g). Job Title: Head Wrestling Coach / Teacher. Lindsey Foley. O; 19 TAC 102.1073, A district may designate a classroom teacher as a master, exemplary, or recognized teacher for a five-year period based on the results from single year or multiyear appraisals [see DNA]. No more than 15 extra days will be paid Click the link in the email we sent to to verify your email address and activate your job alert. Get immediate access to organizations and people . Your job seeking activity is only visible to you. Back to Top The football coach turned athletic director has. Human Resources. Referrals increase your chances of interviewing at Frisco ISD by 2x. Hourly rate increases range from $0.85 to $2.50 per hour for certain* hourly positions. The Educator Excellence Innovation Program (EEIP) is a grant program under which a district may receive a competitive grant for the purposes of systematically transforming educator quality and effectiveness. Base Salary: Teacher Pay Scale + Coaching Stipend. All FISD staff that work in a 20 hour or more per week position are eligible for supplemental benefits including but not limited to dental, vision, disability, life in addition to the health insurance with the district contributions. . You may also apply directly on company website . Accountability: Accreditation and Performance Indicators, Accountability: Interventions and Sanctions, Accountability: Federal Accountability Standards, Board Members: Eligibility/Qualifications, Board Members: Vacancies and Removal from Office, Board Members: Technology Resources and Electronic Communications, Officers and Officials: Duties and Requirements of Board Officers, Officers and Officials: Duties and Requirements of Depository, Board Internal Organization: Internal Committees, Board Internal Organization: Citizen Advisory Committees, Superintendent: Qualifications and Duties, Superintendent: Recruitment and Appointment, Superintendent: Suspension/Termination During Contract, Planning and Decision-Making Process: District-Level, Planning and Decision-Making Process: Campus-Level, Fiscal Management Goals and Objectives: Financial Ethics, State and Federal Revenue Sources: Federal, Local Revenue Sources: Certificates of Indebtedness, Local Revenue Sources: Recreational Facilities Bonds, Local Revenue Sources: Athletic Stadium Authority, Ad Valorem Taxes: Exemptions and Payments, Local Revenue Sources: Appraisal District, Other Revenues: Sale, Lease, or Exchange of School-Owned Property, Sale, Lease, or Exchange of School-Owned Property: Revenue Bonds from Proceeds, Other Revenues: Public and Private Facilities, Annual Operating Budget: Financial Exigency, Accounting: Financial Reports and Statements, Payroll Procedures: Salary Deductions and Reductions, Purchasing and Acquisition: Vendor Disclosures and Contracts, Purchasing and Acquisition: Payment Procedures, Purchasing and Acquisition: Real Property and Improvements, Purchasing and Acquisition: Financing Personal Property Purchases, Safety Program/Risk Management: Inspections, Safety Program/Risk Management: Accident Prevention and Reports, Safety Program/Risk Management: Emergency Plans, Safety Program/Risk Management: Emergency Medical Equipment and Procedures, Safety Program/Risk Management: Security Personnel, Security Personnel: Commissioned Peace Officers, Security Personnel: School Resource Officers, Buildings, Grounds, and Equipment Management, Buildings, Grounds, and Equipment Management: Security, Buildings, Grounds, and Equipment Management: Maintenance, Buildings, Grounds, and Equipment Management: Traffic and Parking Controls, Buildings, Grounds, and Equipment Management: Flag Displays, Equipment and Supplies Management: Instructional Materials Care and Accounting, Transportation Management: Student Transportation, Transportation Management: District Vehicles, Transportation Management: Transportation Safety, Food and Nutrition Management: Procurement, Food and Nutrition Management: Free and Reduced-Price Meals, Technology Resources: District, Campus, and Classroom Websites, Insurance and Annuities Management: Liability Insurance, Insurance and Annuities Management: Health and Life Insurance, Insurance and Annuities Management: Workers' Compensation, Insurance and Annuities Management: Unemployment Insurance, Insurance and Annuities Management: Deferred Compensation and Annuities, Facilities Construction: Competitive Bidding, Facilities Construction: Competitive Sealed Proposals, Facilities Construction: Construction Manager-Agent, Facilities Construction: Construction Manager-at-Risk, Facilities Construction: Job Order Contracts, Employment Objectives: Equal Employment Opportunity, Employment Objectives: Genetic Nondiscrimination, Employment Requirements and Restrictions: Credentials and Records, Employment Requirements and Restrictions: Pre-Employment Reviews, Employment Requirements and Restrictions: Medical Examinations and Communicable Diseases, Employment Requirements and Restrictions: Conflict of Interest, Employment Requirements and Restrictions: Nepotism, Employment Practices: Probationary Contracts, Employment Practices: Other Types of Contracts, Compensation and Benefits: Compensation Plan, Compensation Plan: Incentives and Stipends, Compensation and Benefits: Fringe Benefits, Compensation and Benefits: Leaves and Absences, Leaves and Absences: Family and Medical Leave, Compensation and Benefits: Vacations and Holidays, Compensation and Benefits: Expense Reimbursement, Probationary Contracts: Suspension/Termination During Contract, Probationary Contracts: Termination at End of Year, Probationary Contracts: Return to Probationary Status, Term Contracts: Suspension/Termination During Contract, Termination of Employment: Hearings Before Hearing Examiner, Termination of Employment: Reduction in Force, Employee Rights and Privileges: Freedom of Association, Employee Rights and Privileges: Personnel-Management Relations, Personnel-Management Relations: Employee Complaints/Grievances, Employee Standards of Conduct: Reports to State Board for Educator Certification, Employee Standards of Conduct: Reports to Texas Education Agency, Employee Standards of Conduct: Searches and Alcohol/Drug Testing, Employee Welfare: Freedom from Discrimination, Harassment, and Retaliation, Professional Development: Required Staff Development, Performance Appraisal: Evaluation of Teachers, Performance Appraisal: Evaluation of Campus Administrators, Personnel Positions: Substitute, Temporary, and Part-Time Positions, Instructional Arrangements: Homebound Instruction, Instructional Arrangements: Contracts with Outside Agencies, Instructional Arrangements: Juvenile Residential Facilities, Instructional Resources: Instructional Materials, Instructional Resources: Library Materials, Curriculum Design: Basic Instructional Program, Basic Instructional Program: Required Instruction (All Levels), Basic Instructional Program: Required Instruction (Elementary), Basic Instructional Program: Required Instruction (Secondary), Basic Instructional Program: Elective Instruction, Special Education: Identification, Evaluation, and Eligibility, Special Education: ARD Committee and Individualized Education Program, Special Education: Students in Nondistrict Placement, Special Education: Procedural Requirements, Special Education: Video/Audio Monitoring, Special Programs: Gifted and Talented Students, Special Programs: Compensatory/Accelerated Services, Special Programs: Bilingual Education/ESL, Special Programs: Career and Technical Education, Special Programs: Other Special Populations, Special Programs: Adult and Community Education, Special Programs: Innovative and Magnet Programs, Special Programs: Other Instructional Initiatives, Special Programs: High School Equivalency, Alternative Methods for Earning Credit: Credit by Examination with Prior Instruction, Alternative Methods for Earning Credit: Credit by Examination Without Prior Instruction, Alternative Methods for Earning Credit: College Course Work/Dual Credit, Alternative Methods for Earning Credit: Distance Learning, Alternative Methods for Earning Credit: Local Remote Learning Program, Academic Achievement: Grading/Progress Reports to Parents, Academic Achievement: Retention and Promotion, State Assessment: English Learners/Emergent Bilingual Students, Campus or Program Charters: Partnership Charters, Miscellaneous Instructional Policies: Teaching About Controversial Issues, Miscellaneous Instructional Policies: Study of Religion, Equal Educational Opportunity: Service Animals, Interdistrict Transfers: Public Education Grants, Admissions: Intradistrict Transfers and Classroom Assignments, Student Welfare: Wellness and Health Services, Wellness and Health Services: Physical Examinations, Wellness and Health Services: Immunizations, Wellness and Health Services: Medical Treatment, Wellness and Health Services: Communicable Diseases, Wellness and Health Services: School-Based Health Centers, Crisis Intervention: Trauma-Informed Care, Student Welfare: Student Support Services, Counseling and Mental Health: Mental Health, Student Welfare: Freedom from Discrimination, Harassment, and Retaliation, Student Activities: School-Sponsored Publications, Student Rights and Responsibilities: Student Expression, Student Expression: Distribution of Nonschool Literature, Student Expression: Use of School Facilities for Nonschool Purposes, Student Rights and Responsibilities: Student Conduct, Student Conduct: Prohibited Organizations and Hazing, Student Conduct: Tobacco Use and Possession, Student Conduct: Personal Telecommunications/Electronic Devices, Student Rights and Responsibilities: Married Students, Student Rights and Responsibilities: Pregnant Students, Student Rights and Responsibilities: Investigations and Searches, Student Rights and Responsibilities: Student and Parent Complaints/Grievances, Student Discipline: Removal by Teacher or Bus Driver, Student Discipline: Out-of-School Suspension, Student Discipline: Placement in a Disciplinary Alternative Education Setting, Placement in a Disciplinary Alternative Education Setting: Disciplinary Alternative Education Program Operations, Expulsion: Juvenile Justice Alternative Education Program, Student Discipline: Emergency and Alternative Placement, Student Discipline: Students with Disabilities, Access to Programs, Services, and Activities, Public Information Program: Access to Public Information, Information Access: Requests for Information, Community Relations: Conduct on School Premises, Community Relations: Advertising and Fundraising, Community Relations: Nonschool Use of School Facilities, Nonschool Use of School Facilities: Distribution of Nonschool Literature, Community Relations: Business, Civic, and Youth Groups, Community Relations: School Volunteer Program, Relations with Educational Entities: Other Schools and Districts, Relations with Educational Entities: Regional Education Service Centers, Relations with Educational Entities: Colleges and Universities, Relations with Governmental Entities: State and Local Governmental Authorities, State and Local Governmental Authorities: Law Enforcement Agencies, State and Local Governmental Authorities: Juvenile Service Providers, Relations with Governmental Entities: Interlocal Cooperation Contracts, Relations with Governmental Entities: Emergency Management, Local Optional Teacher Designation System, Completes and submits a Notice of Intent to Apply to.

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