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ocean county sheriff salary

OPRA stipulates that autopsy photographs, and medical examiner information falls under the rule for exceptions. Jennifer E. Jonus, $56,767, effective May 20. Atlantic County Sheriff Frank Balles failed bid for a pay raise has drawn attention to the salaries of sheriffs, county clerks and surrogates across the state. Yes. There are a number of exceptions under OPRA, many of which deal, but are not limited to, the public's reasonable expectation of the rights of privacy. Don't knowingly lie about anyone Toms River, NJ 08754. Operations Based on 7 salaries Public Safety Telecommunicator 3 salaries 911 Dispatcher 2 salaries View More Military & Protective Services Based on 1 salaries There are 3,611 employee records for Ocean County, New Jersey. Atlantic Citys police will debut a new unit for the holiday weekend funded through the CRDA. James E. Simonsen, $64,559, effective April 1. AND . Michelle L. Pullen, $66,536, effective Sept. 16. document.write(theDate.getFullYear()) person will not be tolerated.Be Truthful. document.write(theDate.getFullYear()) What salary does a Military & Protective Services earn in your area? Ocean County Sheriff Michael Mastronardy, a Republican, was elected in 2013. The recent dispute over increasing the already high salary of Atlantic County's sheriff might be amusing to those living elsewhere. Basic Telecommunicator, Emergency Medical Dispatch and CPR Course Announcement, Child Passenger Safety Inspection Stations. William J. Dikun, $69,145, effective Oct. 25. Deputy Warden Joseph M. Valenti, $160,819, effective Sept. 1. The estimated base pay is $48,878 per year. A document was released by Ocean County Sheriff's Department under the Open Public Records Act. If material not easily copied on office equipment is requested, the cost can be higher, depending on the record and how it is copied. Dolan J. DiChiara, $58,316, effective April 1. Mary Ann Dreikorn, $89,396, effective April 1. Victims of crimes have access to their own records, but a custodian will not honor anonymous requests of this nature. The estimated total pay for a Public Safety Telecommunicator at Ocean County Sheriff is $52,444 per year. They are elected officials who collect six-figure salaries in addition to pensions as retired law enforcement officers. Warren County had a 2010 population of 108,692, spread over 358 square miles. Pet owners' telephones are not considered public records. Monmouth had a 2010 population of 630,380, spread over 472 square miles. As the Federal Bureau of Investigation probes Ocean County and the Ocean County Board of Commissioners political hiring practices for public jobs, one of the possible hiring practices being investigated could be that of Ocean County Sheriff Michael Mastronardy. Ocean County Sheriff's Office Ocean County Justice Complex P.0. NORTHFIELD In a 5-4 vote, Atlantic County freeholders killed an ordinance to raise the she. Hunterdon had a 2010 population of 128,349, spread over 430 square miles. Except for exceeding the state limit, under the law in New Jersey, Mastronardy is allowed to hire these officers and while no crimes have been committed, if any of those jobs were provided as political favors, paybacks or in return for political support or other personally beneficial means, it would be a violation of the law. Yes, but the agency may charge a reasonable but special rate for that service. The four sections are Summons and Complaints, General Writs of Execution, Garnishments and Foreclosures. Bergen County SheriffMichael Saudino was elected to a third terms as a Democrat in 2016 after winning two terms as a Republican. I would rather stay and solve problems, despite the scrutiny over receiving both the salary and the pension, he said. Michael J. Fiure, County Administrator. Lynda M. Saverino, $69,880, effective April 1. Three-fourths of New Jerseys county sheriffs are taking advantage of pension loopholes to collect dual incomes. Dana Ann Kelly, $71,553, effective Jan. 1. Donna E. Flynn, $150,376, effective Jan. 1. Wilson retired as a Camden City Police lieutenant in 1995 and collects a monthly pension of $4,198.59, or $50,383 a year. Alternatively, the requester may file an appeal in Superior Court where the denial occurred. The commissioner began invitinglocal business leadersto address the board on Wednesday, so their stories may intensifya public debateoverthe issue as the pandemic wanes. 2021 2020 2019 2018 2017 2016 2015. TOMS RIVER, NJ Since taking office in 2014, Ocean County Sheriff Michael Mastronardy has used a loophole in the state law to amass a small private police force within his department full of friends and political allies and retired police officers. Other personal information is not disclosable. This number represents the median, which is the midpoint of the ranges from our proprietary Total Pay Estimate model and based on salaries collected from our users. Bergen County Sheriff Michael SaudinoSheriffs in three-fourths of New Jerseys 21 counties are double-dippers, a NJ Spotlight analysis found. Are unemployment benefits encouraging people to stay out of the workforce? There are 131 sworn civil service officers within the Sheriffs department, which means Mastronardy is legally only allowed to hire 19 officers outside of the civil service realm. Rhys E. Worthy, $87,520, effective April 1. Blocks base salary has increased more than 16.8% in the past four years, from $176,248 in 2017 to $206,018, as a result of this latest increase approved last month. Sign up for free Patch newsletters and alerts. All three are constitutional officers state employees based in and paid by the counties. Those jobs were created outside the realm of the standard civil service laws for police officers and are non-union jobs outside of the financial purview of the annual budget of Ocean County. Balles said Wednesday he hasnt decided whether he will run for re-election in 2017, but he intends to run for county executive in 2019. Because theyre out of state, they arent subjected to the criticism, he said. These special investigator hiring spreadsheets released by the county this week are essentially the sheriffs own Blue Book. Heather Rae Dover, $101,365, effective May 22. 732-506-5346 Ocean County is an Equal Opportunity Employer. (See related story.). He was sworn into his 11th three-year term on the Board of Commissioners during the Board's organization meeting Jan. 4, 2023. Dorothy M. Knight, $63,353, effective April 1. Passaic County, NJ. This employer has not claimed their Employer Profile and is missing out on connecting with our community. 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Berdnik (D), $253,957 $151,887 salary + $102,070 pension as a Clifton police retiree, Ocean County Sheriff Michael Mastronardy (R), $231,315 $107,250 salary + $124,065 pension as a Toms River Township police retiree, Mercer County Sheriff John Kemler (D), $227,330 $142,499 salary + $84,831 pension as a Mercer County sheriffs office retiree, Camden County Sheriff Charles J. Billingham (D), $219,232 $144,753 salary + $74,479 pension as a Washington Township police retiree, Somerset County Sheriff Frank J. Provenzano (R), $208,576 $132,555 salary + $76,021 pension as Bridgewater Township police retiree, Warren County Sheriff David P. Gallant (R), $208,432 $125,945 salary + $82,487 pension as a State Police retiree, Morris County Sheriff Edward V. Rochford (R), $200,838 $139,203 salary + $61,545 pension as a Morris Township police retiree, Middlesex County Sheriff Mildred S. Scott (D), $200,796 $139,455 salary + $61,341 pension as a retiree of the Middlesex County sheriffs office, Hunterdon County Sheriff Frederick W. Brown (R), $197,796 $115,868 salary + $81,928 pension as a retiree of Raritan Township police, Salem County Sheriff Charles M. Miller, $195,452 (R) $119,386 salary + $76,066 pension as a retiree of the Salem County prosecutors office, Gloucester County Sheriff Carmel M. Morina (D), $191,996 $128,547 salary + $63,449 pension as a Greenwich Township police retiree, Sussex County Sheriff Michael Strada (R), $170,124 $121,212 salary + $46,973 pension as Mount Olive Township police retiree, Cumberland County Sheriff Robert Austino (D), $166,938 $107,250 salary + $59,688 pension as a Vineland police retiree. Atlantic County Sheriff Frank Balles said Wednesday he hasnt decided if he will run for re-. BILINGUAL PAY $1,800/Year Full-time Deputy receives $1,800 per year if assigned to use their bilingual skills ASSIGNMENT DIFFERENTIAL Currently 5% Full-time Deputy receives a 5% differential per day when assigned as Jail Training Officer CAREER INCENTIVE PAY courtesy Hunterdon County Sheriff's Office, Hunterdon County Sheriff Frederick W. Brown: $120,549. Four years later, the tally has increased by nine undersheriffs and $1.8 million a year in total pay, according to the site. Director Brian W. McCarthy, $122,527, effective Jan. 1. We'd love to hear eyewitness But the law allows counties to voluntarily pay them more than the baseline. Sean P. Waldron, $64,870, effective Dec. 19. Both state and local government agencies are exempt from disclosing security measures and surveillance techniques, if disclosure creates a risk to the safety of people or property. Toms River, NJ 08753 Job Salaries; Explore Payrolls . In addition to Block, those who did receiveraises in both December and April included Assistant County Administrator Michael J. Fiure, who also serves as director of the countys Department of Management and Budget,and who is widely viewed as Blocks heir apparent. Burlington County Sheriff Jean Stanfield: $120,000. 101 Hooper Ave. Admin Building. Van Lenten, $83,948, effective Sept. 1. Eileen T. Sakevich, $54,326, effective April 1. Donna M. Specht, $66,528, effective Jan. 12. $80,450 / yr. Cloucester County Sheriff Carmel Morina, a Democrat, was elected in 2006. James C. Gomulka, $106,075, effective Jan. 1.

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