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pedersoli long range tang sight

I'm looking at a Pedersoli, S278 model, Mortimer Whitworth in .451 and a 1:21 twist. /Img1 Do var theDate=new Date() My first long range medal was won at 500 yds. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. The Sight that came on the rifle would not stay on a piece of paper at 25 yards. Shopping Cart Items: 0 Pedersoli Sights 10 items; Replacement Spirit Levels 1 item; Barrel Levels 2 items; Front Sight Insert Cards 4 items; Hadley Eye Cups 2 items; Red River Sights 7 items; Wesson #1 Long Range Sights 1 item; Williams Gun Sight Co. 96 items; Kelley 15 items; Lee Shaver 12 items; Wyoming Sight Drifter 2 items; Tang Sight Screws 4 items; Reproduction . Depending on how good your eyes are you might have a little difficulty seeing the Vernier scale on the side of the sight but it is readable. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. SKU: PD-USA-172. I don't shoot a .45, but I've read, one is supposed to use 3FG pistol powder in a .45 or smaller. Produced from a steel forging with CNC machines, it enables a universal inclination adjustment and due to the elongated hole at the base, it can fit other rifle brands.The staff holding the eye piece enables windage adjustment of 30mm (1.18") while the elevation range allows 56 mm (2.5"). Original 1886 Winchester Rear Combo Sight. and mid range matches with it. Works as advertised. Through the use of EDM technology, electrical discharge machining, we are able to consistently maintain a .0002 clearance fit between the staff and the mainframe. Blue Finish. This sight is made by Pedersoli and will fit all models of their Sharps rifles as well as many other guns. VFG Super Intensive Revolver & Pistol Cleaning Pellets, VFG Super Intensive Rifle Cleaning Pellets, VFG Super Intensive Shotgun Cleaning Pellets, Kowa 88mm Prominar Spotting Scopes & Accessories, Muzzleloading Short Starters & Pistol Loaders, Muzzleloading Shooting Patches, Flints & Leathers, Muzzleloading Powder Measures, Horn & Pan Chargers, Treso Muzzleloading Bullet Pullers & Patch Worms, Pedersoli Long Range Creedmoor Soule Sight 4" Tall. Tunnel Front Sight with 12 Inserts. We both have Shiloh Sharps 45/70's with MVA long range Soule sights, The 38-55 is hers, for out to around the 300 Yd mark, and the 45/70's for the longer range stuff. %%EOF . RS-DP-1874 Vernier 5" Long Range Tang Sight, for 1874 Sharps, or 1885 Winchester rifle, complete with Sharps mounting screws, by Davide Pedersoli. It came with two apertures that screw into the sight body. Sights like my Lyman are fine for shorter range shooting, including hunting. The store will not work correctly in the case when cookies are disabled. These high precision Creedmoor sights are adjustable for elevation.The Middle Range has a 2" ladder, the XL Middle range has a 3" ladder. Although function is important to me I like this sight because it has that old school look about it. It is perfect for long distance target shooting both with muzzle loading and breech loading rifles. Tang Sights | Guide to Vintage Gun Parts Tang Sights Thanks for making the effort to visit our website. Distance between mounting screws is 2 3/16" to 2 5/16". hb```a`` $V13 fVi`! Windage adjustable by unlocking the disk and drifting it left or right. Price: $105.99. 3. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. h2T0P(ON-pqMLOuOJM.J{*@ o Each style offers a unique advantage to the shooter, depending on your requirements. Silhouette Long Range includes sights USA 431, USA 457, USA 463, USA 401 (USA171), Pedersoli Professional Sight Set with wooden case. It has an Axtell Spirit Level Globe front sight, Ladder Type rear barrel mounted sight, and a Lee Shaver Super Grade Soule Long Range tang sight with a Hadley Eyecup, mounted on the rifle tang. Call for prices. Pedersoli Tyron Rear Sight Base with Elevation Adjustment. Site powered by. Some folks say you get what you pay for. , 3rd place NMLRA Championship. . I think I will get the mid range MVA Staff for the 38-55. $99.00. Pedersoli Rifle Sights - Soule Style Long-Range Sight $374.82 Out of stock Pedersoli Rifle Sights - Long-Range Creedmore Sight $310.06 Add to Cart Pedersoli Rifle Sights - Univ. #107 Sharps Long Range $ 395.00 #108 Sharps Mid Range $ 358.00 Extra Bases & Mounting Screws MVA offers rear tang sight bases to fit most black powder cartridge rifles. Brand New. Bases.$96. This is designed for long range shooting, i.e., out to 1,000 yards or more. We have incorporated various refinements, which ensure the highest possible repeatability. Universal Middle Range Creedmore Sight, Model USA465 . Melting lead and casting lead objects will expose you and others in the area to lead, which has been found in the state of California to cause birth defects, other reproductive harm, and cancer. Micrometer adjustable for windage and elevation. RS-DP-HADLEY Hadley Eye Disk, for Pedersoli 1874 Sharps Vernier Sights. Wash hands thoroughly after exposure. For privacy reasons, do not use your full name or email address for nickname. DAVIDE PEDERSOLI & Co. rifle creedmoor Long range 3" Tang Sight New Nice. There are 5 marks on top of the elevation knob and they represent 1/2 minute of angle each for fine adjustments that can be made without the aid of a magnifier. Opens in a new window or tab. I shot PP bullets , 530 grain , 94 grains 2ff , swiss. When twisting the rod there is no movement of the disk up or down and seems to be frozen in the position it arrived. Add to Cart. Elevation is adjustable to .010" or 1 minute of an angle. & Y. and Amoskeag), Remington 1858 New Model, .36 Navy and .44 Army, Colt Walker, 1st Model Dragoon & Whitneyville Hartford, Colt Baby Dragoon, Wells Fargo and Pocket Revolvers, M1859,1863 & 1874 Sharps Rifles and Carbines, Bags, Boxes, Lock Covers & Powder Storage, EP2600 Rear Sight, Target Style for Remington Revolvers, EP2601 Rear Sight Blade, Target Style for Remington Revolvers, SP2603 Rear Sight Blade Adjustment Screw for the Remington Revolver, EP2225 Rear Sight Stevens Favorite .22 Rifle,1873,1876, 1886, 1892, & 1894 Winchester Rifle & Carbine & Marlin 1897 & 39 Lever, EP2200 Rear Sight For Late Model Winchester Carbine - Model 1866,73, & .76 Carbine, EP3450 Rear Sight - Jaeger Adjustable Flolding Leaf, EP0506 Flat Top Pennsylvania Style Rear Sight, EP0505 Long Base Curl Top Pennsylvania Style Rear Sight, EP0703 Sharps Tang Sight & Globe Front Sight, EB0701 Mortimer Creedmore Diopter Tang Sight, EB0805 1886 Winchester Tang Sight (Lyman #2), EP0101 Universal Long Range Creedmore Tang Sight, EB1015 Soule Long Range Tang Sight (New Style), EB1016 Soule Mid Range Tang Sight (New Style). Rear Sight Assembly for Pedersoli Sharps Sport Model $ 85.12. would have been nice to have had this information before I ordered this item. { PEDERSOLI "GOODWIN STYLE" CREEDMOOR SIGHT (3) $ 500.00 PEDERSOLI 12 TUNNEL SIGHT INSERTS SET FOR CARTRIDG $ 29.95 PEDERSOLI CREEDMOOR SIGHT ADJUSTABLE FOR WINDAGE $ 210.00 PEDERSOLI LONG RANGE SHILOUETTE SET - includi $ 935.00 PEDERSOLI MIDDLE RANGE SHILOUETTE SET - includin $ 935.00 PEDERSOLI SOULE MIDDLE RANGE CREEDMOOR (2) $ 495.00 Or, is it just Swiss powder you can do that with it? JavaScript is disabled. In stock. Inlines are different ball game , but black has already been done, in doubt here is title of a book on it. Quantity . Only registered users can write reviews. Vernier scale is on the side of the leaf. Suggest a second replaceable eye cup. Custom dovetail sizes can be manufactured to customers specification. The nominal centers are 2.25" apart and will fit all Pedersoli built replica rifles. David Pedersoli Long Range Creedmore tang sight, Box Back to Auction Jump to lot Lot Is Closed Sold $190 Timed Auction Gunrunner Auction January 2023, 351-400 Category Rifle Description David Pedersoli Long Range Creedmore tang sight. Sellers with highest buyer ratings; . %PDF-1.4 % 2 Reviews. "The Target Rifle In Australia 1800- 1900" , it has a section on loads and bullet weight used then. For 3/8" - 30 degree dovetail and measures .433" high. High precision Creedmoor sights adjustable for elevation. Add to Cart. Pedersoli's Soule long range tang sight has three mounting holes in the base, to fit most popular black powder rifles. M70AFM0197 Price US$9.90. . The distance between the two mounting holes from 37 to 60mm and will fit all Pedersoli built replica rifles. For 3/8" - 30 degree dovetail and measures .350" high. Creedmore Style Tang Sight with Adjustable Windage, Model D03 $228.70. This creates a precise fit, which translates into a smooth, consistent and repeatable adjustment. Pre-Owned. Soule Long Range creedmoor sight Model: 036U406000 380.00 Add to cart USA406 - The Soule tang sight is the world-wide choice of both target shooters and hunters. The nominal centers are 2.25" apart. Its not the best sight for long range but its not the worst one either. That will set you back around four hundred. Tiny peep hole is good only for target work. volume. Long Range Rifle Sights, Modern Sights, Sights. The front hole is elongated to allow fitting to other brands of rifles which may have 800-238-6785 (orders ONLY) Outside of the U.S.: 1-731-885-0700 Information Line: 1-731-885-0700 Phone/Fax Hours. Your Pedersoli Goodwin Long-Range tang sight is provided with two mounting holes in the base plate, (G). The Pedersoli Mortimer-Whitworth and Gibbs rifles are high quality. Have adequate ventilation at all times. Information Line:1-731-885-0700, Product prices and availability subject to change without notice. The eye disk is threaded 5-.5MM to accept Pedersoli manufactured Hadley eye disk, For your convenience you can contact us via our. US$0.00. Can a short or medium range tang sight for a Pedersoli Sharps that is adjustable for both windage and elevation be used at shorter distances like 50 yards ? Tomahawks & Tomahawk Parts and Accessories, M1826 and M1836 Water's and Johnson Pistol, M1861 Special Musket (Colt,L.G. One of the things that we we think is great and that we do very well is the truth that we have a great search engine to show all your requests. The elevation adjustment has a movement of 2.85" (72 mm) The structural features of the Goodwin Creedmoor sight offers the advantage to reach the rifle chamber with any cleaning device and to inspect the barrel between the shots. Both Lee Shaver and Ron Snover offer their own version of the 17A insert. All Sharps style globes (111-113) have a .500 inside diameter, whereas the Stevens/Winchester have a .404 inside diameter. Please, Copyright 2021 B.A.C.O., All Rights Reserved. 1412 West Reelfoot Avenue 2. Pedersoli Rifle Sights - Long-Range Creedmore Sight . Add to cart. Only screws for Pedersoli manufactured guns are included with the sight. Enable Accessibility 800-741-0015 Live Chat Live Chat Facebook Instagram Help Create an Account Login Create an Account Flash Hole & Primer Pocket Uniformers & Acc. I'm told, here on this forum, this is a great 500 yrd - 1,00 yrd competition rifle. The white square was about 3 1/2 inches tall and 3 inches wide. Sharps New Brand New $299.99 trivettes_gunsmithing (29,024) 99.8% Buy It Now +$10.20 shipping 11 watchers 50% of reviewers recommended this product. x*/a%L)9, It is an old time loads for black some use Swiss 2ff now. 431. Holds zero shot after shot and is durable enough in my opinion. Fitting to most Pedersoli single shot breech loading rifle, each model offers different features to suit different disciplines and shooters. Skip to the beginning of the images gallery. Minimum elevation is 1 19/32 with a maximum of 3 . Mounting adjustment range between the holes 55 to 59 mm. Not Yet Rated Sold Out. Pedersoli "Universal" Long Creedmore Sight (3"), Pedersoli Silhouette Creedmore Sight (3"), Pedersoli Short Creedmore Sight Windage & Elevation Adjustable, Pedersoli Rear Sight (Springfield Trapdoor), Pedersoli Long Creedmore Sight Windage & Elevation Adjustable, Pedersoli Mortimer Creedmore Sight Windage & Elevation Adjustable Square Base, Pedersoli Tyron Creedmore Sight Elevation Adjustable Round Base, Pedersoli Short Creedmore Sight Elevation Adjustable, Pedersoli Swiss Creedmore Sight Square Model, Pedersoli Swiss Creedmore Sight Round Model, Pedersoli Sharps Creedmore Sight Windage & Elevation Adjustable, Pedersoli Sharps Gemmer Rear Sight (Hawkin Style), Pedersoli Creedmore Assembled (Springfield Trapdoor Officer), Pedersoli Mid Range Silhouette Creedmore Sight Double Windage & Elevation Adjustable, Pedersoli Professional Eyepiece w/8 Viewing Holes (Fits 430, 431, 461, 465), Pedersoli Lever Action Creedmore Sight Windage & Elevation Adjustable, Pedersoli Universal Middle Range Creedmore Sight Eyepiece Windage & Elevation Adjustable, Pedersoli "Target" Creedmore Sight Windage & Elevation Adjustable (For Tyron), Pedersoli Rear Sight Slide Windage (1879 Springfield Trapdoor, to 1500 yds). Joined Mar 1, 2007 Messages Cowboy Long Range is usually 5 shots at a set target 200 to 600 yds against the clock. the staff blocking system firmly fixes the vertical position, further allowing easy folding thanks to the side knob. As with all our rear sights, Vernier scale graduations are engraved using our CNC equipment and all staff assemblies are interchangeable with any of our bases. For windage adjustment, the right hand knob is graduated. The sight comes with fifteen interchangeable inserts. Add to Cart. Price: $345.99. The S278 is the $2,000 version. Flash Hole & Primer Pocket Uniformers & Acc. Excellent quality. I had to grind a heap of metal off the base plate to get it to sit straightish on my rifles tang and still put a few shims under oneside to get it up straight and not tilting off to the side. For more information go to If you can . Box 509, Lakeville, CT 06039 Phone: (860) 435-8068 VTI is the USA based supplier of Davide Pedersoli sights, parts and accessories. A micrometric screw is used to correct for windage. Site by One Dog Media, Copyright & Disclaimer 1996- These high precision Creedmoor sights are adjustable for elevation.The Middle Range has a 2" ladder, the XL Middle range has a 3" ladder. WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and reproductive harm. Fits the Pedersoli. endstream endobj startxref Gun Parts Corp (Numric Arms) has replacement eyepieces). Quickview. Adobe Reader required to view the files below. I had to \"flip\"" the detent spring to allow the sight to sit vertical. Suitable for Euroarms Volunteer also Tang sight base. The Soule tang sight is the world-wide choice of both target shooters and hunters. Add to Cart. The aperture cannot be enlarged very much since the eyepiece screw threads are very small (I broke it trying to enlarge hole. 660 Vermeer CourtPonderay, ID 83852United States. I can't say I understand this, but I believe it. Get the latest information about new products, special deals, news, top-rated items, promotions and more! Each little mark is equal to 1/4 minute of angle just as most good scopes are. Colors are: light green, red and light blue. Price US$9.90. Deluxe Creedmoor Sight Set, Medium Range $ 754.55. Quickview. Remove that sight, and its base set in the stock, and you can install a tall tang sight such the modification gunsmith and ML shooter Lee Shaver makes to the available Pedersoli long range tang sight. One of these had windage adjustable aperture with a 6x40 thread adjustment screw.I made one for a man in Kentucky with the 8x40 elevation The Soule long range rear tang sight is a favorite among target shooters and hunters. May have a 75 yd Pistol shot also. Our sights are manufactured from solid bar stock, with critical wear components heat-treated for long life. The rear sight by itself was 80 bucks. Front sights for Long Range BPCR should have replaceable front inserts with an inside diameter of .085 thru .155. Item 617. Paper Cartridges for Percussion Revolvers, Paper Patch Bullet Molds .25-.35 Caliber 1-Cavity, Paper Patch Bullet Molds .36-.41 Caliber 1-Cavity, Paper Patch Bullet Molds .42-.45 Caliber 1-Cavity, Paper Patch Bullet Molds .46 Caliber & Up 1-Cavity, Cowboy Firearms, Muzzle Loaders & Vintage Military, Black Powder Muzzleloader Shotguns & Smoothbore Muskets, Black Powder Muzzleloading Percussion Revolvers, 1892 Winchesters Lever Action Rifles & Carbines, Pedersoli Trapdoor Black Powder Cartridge Rifles, Carbines & Officer Models, Leather Goods, Cartridge Belts & Cowboy Clothing, Buffalo Arms Custom RCBS & Lyman Sizing Dies, Hornady Lock-N-Load Power Case Prep Center. hbbd`b`rgb`gb`l@#2K >

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