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sokeefe fanfiction kiss

Finally, the sun started to set, and Keefe's head was now resting on Sophie's lap, her fingers absentmindedly running through it. "Watch yourself, shortie." Keefe pouted adorably, cocking his head. Strange occurrences seem to follow Sophie. Mostly because it means I missed my chance to be with this really incredible guy who makes me laugh and always finds ways to be there for me when I need him. Keefe teased, releasing the back of Dex's shirt. Her parents? Hi! He assures her that they'll get the starstone back the next day and he asks if she knows why. Keefe guides her over and sets her down on the bed and brings her a bottle of, Keefe reassures her while she's worried about her, "Without caring that it might be awkward or what anyone would think, Sophie, pulled Keefe into the tightest hug possible, and whispered, 'Thank you.' Fitz sat there, confused. Keefes breath was warm in her ear as he told her, Anytime, Foster. At least they left. And what a perfect opportunity! He opened the door, ignored his Lord Cassiuss questions, and pulled her into his room. The wow factor is high! Sophie and her friends are safe, and the only thing that they have to worry about is Keefe's deadly dares. Lost Cities Keeper Wiki is a FANDOM Books Community. I forbid it. Sophie and Keefe, without speaking, have another window slumber party, although this one is much more somber, and Sophie assures Keefe that she is always there for him. He raised a hand to his lips, which still felt a bit tingly from his kiss withFitz. "Hey, Sophie, come on in! They are often seen holding hands. Keefe was constantly and relentlessly teasing Sophie. Her arms were around Keefe's waist, keeping him close to her, and her kiss was soft. Thats okay, breathing is overrated anyway.. A friend. Bronte was, well, being Bronte. But soon enough, Sophie can't contain it any longer. #finh At that point, Keefe asks what was wrong. So u search up KOTLC wattpad. I have wanted to write a coffeeshop AU for a while now, so I'm very excited to do this! I really hope you like it! KotLC Sokeefe's first kiss while playing Spin the Bottle/Part1/keeper of the lost cities KotLC TextingStory 160 subscribers Subscribe 11K views 1 year ago While playing Spin the Bottle Keefe. Sophie greeted the rest of her guests but didn't forget the feeling inside when Keefe smiled at her. Why was it always Foster why? no, her Sophie's been looking into her heart and after some searching she finally gets what keefe meant in lumenariaand a truth or dare game changes her life forever. "Too close," Sophie agreed, shaking her head. So its kind of like Baby-Sitters club (if you're familiar), where every chapter is a new adventure with whatever these kids get themselves into. When she finally got to him, she sat down. He was so fun to be around why was she thinking about this? I realized this the past weeks, Sophie continued, I didnt know how to say it, but then you fell into a coma and. I have been told that, but I made you laugh didnt I? ,Keefe could feel all that sadness turn to happiness. That girl obviously has more power than we thought. Uh oh was the feeling in Sophie's gut. After five hundred thirty four seconds, Keefe cleared his throat. Aww, I dont mind, Keefe smirked. I left my home crystal on my dresser! Sophie said angrily. Finally Elwin came. But come back another time, okay? Sophie tells Keefe she's here and that she won't let him lose himself. ', 'Thanks. Then, not even hesitating this time, she stepped closer, stood on her tiptoes, closed her eyes, and leaned in. Keefe says the thing he missed most about Sophie is her whole adorable-when-angry thing and she replies by saying she misses him too. He had gone to a whole new level after Fitz. Keefe nodded before saying, But, I would say I turned out pretty amazing. What fun would that be? #tamsong A lot. This non-binary fan! Still not so sure on the whole letting-you-boss-me-around thing. Sophie Foster doesn't remember she's an elf. They both have tense relationships with their biological mothers. #dex And I'm going to find it. But please do not edit it, and ignore any spelling mistakes I may have made. She left some distance between them, and although it was only a few feet, it felt like the whole world was seperating them. "I talked with Della earlier. "He's probably still at Candleshade." Keefe comments that no-one has ever tried to take care of him the way Sophie does. What I can't handle is any more of the Sophie Shell who's been wandering around for the last few weeks, scaring the snot out of all of us. Fitz stood up and walked out of his father's office. "Sure," she whispered back, and this time she didn't resist the smile spreading across her face. 'You're ridiculous, you know that?' 'I know,' he told her. And that's fine. Sophie jumped away from him, breathing heavily as her heart thudded in her chest. Oh, this boy. Keefe takes both of her hands and Sophie's mind "can't ignore the rush of warmth that tingled through her when she met his eyes" when Keefe replies to her that Team Foster-Keefe is going to win. After the death of her older sister, Jolie, she becomes overwhelmed with grief. Whats not fair? ,Keefe whispered into her ear. No matter how all this stuff goes down.' One kiss. Instead, she pulled her Imparter out of her pocket, sending her parents a quick message saying shed be home soon. Fanfic! She was running, practically flying past everything and anything. Sophie and Keefe have supported each other throughout the series and have comforted each other after traumatic experiences. Keefeeeeeeeeeeee, you are so annoying sometimes you know that, right? ,Sophie said, bursting into a giggle fit. When Sophie asks Keefe to stay after everyone else leaves he says, "Don't worry Foster, I'm not going anywhere. *Shannon Messenger owns the characte ( ) Everyone should bow down to me. Keefe said, smirking. Elwin came in before Keefe could respond. When she sat, she hugged Keefe with all her might. Will Biana continue being a mean girl? "I can't take this." Sophie and Biana; Sophie and Dex; Dex and Keefe; Sophie and Fitz; Fitz and Keefe; Sophie and Marella; Marella and Keefe; Sophie, Linh, and Biana; Sophie and Jensi; Sophie and Tam; Keefe and Tam; Sophie and Linh; Keefe and Linh; Dex, Fitz, and Keefe; Sophie, Linh, and Biana; Keefe and Biana He was very happy to be in love with someone who would accept him for who he is. Straight-A student, Student Council President and Head Prefect of Foxfire Academy. She assures him that she would never hate him while smiling at him, and he smiles back. Hey guys! Keefe Sencen is terrified. Slowly, Keefe turned towards her. It was! I'm always here. I was heartbroken seeing Sophie so limp. She continued on, but all her words started to blur, just like his eyes. When he saw Biana, he bit his lip. She was so relieved, that she started crying. #kotlc She didnt need to cross the last inch. Linh kissed me. In this story, the Black Swan waited for their original plan. When Sophie learns about what happened with, When Sophie comes out of the hive after seeing. And that kiss. Or should I say, Mrs. Sophie blushed. Their eyes met nervously. Keefe's voice is soft, timid even, when he asks her if she hates him. At least I can still make you blush, Foster. He said with a wink, making her blush even more. He knew that it was wrong, but he couldn't help it. Percy Jackson comes into play well because I wanted more Solangelo in my life so I wrote my own, but I did tie in the plot, youll see. Do you trust me?, Sophie was surprised hed used her first name. Is she just a friend? Keefes room had been very nice, if a bit messy. #fitz Each day I will post a new chapter. Cursing, Fitz stepped back and away from Keefe, now leaning against the wall. Keefe tells her "Aw, the little shrieking sounds you're making are adorable." I love you. She wasnt sure who had said it. ", all of which caused his mind to spin and his heart to race. 'For what?' (Not An Update) Announcements and News Book, Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story. In Stellarlune, Sophie realized that she actually liked Keefe when Romhilda told her that Keefe liked her and not just as a friend. Keefe hated his fathers house! This causes a rift in the relationship between Sophie and Keefe. I WROTE THIS BEFORE LEGACY ', She waited for Keefe to tease her, but he just scooted closer, lifting her head so it rested on his knee instead of the rocky ground. Short SoKeefe One-Shots: "I have to go soon, it's almost 5," he whispered. ", Biana rolled her eyes while slightly blushing. Keefe sighed through his nose in delight. Sophie pulled away immediately, blushing furiously. Except it could use a little effort., Keefe laughed. Nothing worked. "No. "LORD HUNKYHAIR HAS ARRIVED!" I loved it! . I have slipped out before Sophie could stop herself. ", "Della told me that Grady and Edaline didn't come back. "Oh, crap" He stuttered to a halt and lurched forward, but a hand reached out and yanked him upright. Umm how am I going to get home?. She winked and headed inside. Then the next few minutes were all a blur, lots of people asking lots of Keefe! When did you wake up?and How are you feeling? Luckily, Elwin came in and told everyone that Keefe needed to rest. . Because Sophie promised Keefe she would get him through this, she tells Keefe about her new teleporting, her conversation with. Started: Thursday, January 19 2023Finished: A crossover series between Percy Jackson and Keeper of the Lost Cities. He raised his leaping crystal to the light, then leaped to the first place he could think of, one he was given permission to go to anytime he wanted. 'That no matter what you learn . I really don't want to make you more miserable but", Fitz raised his head to look at her. He walked up to her, so close Sophie could feel his breath on her face. "She said that they disappeared.". Guess who's been wanting to write something LGBTQ+ related for the Keeper fandom? At first, Fitz didn't react, shocked, but after half a second, he kissed her back. Fitz turned around to see Linh and Tam. "Don't worry! Wait, you havent slept for a week and a half? ,Keefe asked. I'm the gift. Keefe's smile "softened into something that made Sophie's cheeks warm. About to die of humiliation, Sophie mumbled I mean, Its okay, Foster. Of course I can. he whispered to himself, closing his eyes and clicking the door the whole way. Currently dating Linh was playing with her silver tips, and Tam wasn't making eye contact. Caution: CONTAINS A LOT OF SOKEEFE FLUFF! For a long while, the silence enveloped the room, so much so he thought they had started a telepathic conversation, before one of them, Fitz, he assumed, spoke again. Sophie Foster. He smirked. Biana Vacker is done with everyone at the school, she is known as a bitch. I used to read a lot of Sokeefe fanfics- This one doesn't have that much character/ship bashing ;) No offense t o the author or anyone, the author is great! Until she was ready for more., ' And I know you're going to tell me it won't be that simple -- and it probably won't be. This is Dawnfire's (me) first fanfic, and I hope you like it! This is my first real attempt at a published fanfic, so please check it out! Sophie tells Keefe that she likes him and asks him if he still likes her. So why did he like it, enjoy it, and, in a way, want more? Keefes eyes widened as his hands began to twist and twitch with anxiety. Now you two really need to sleep. Sophie Foster doesn't remember she's an elf. He is probably doing his hair. 'Just promise, okay?' __________________________________________________________________________________________________. But she pushed the thought out of her mind and moved closer to wrap her arms around his neck. Lost Cities Keeper Wiki is a FANDOM Books Community. I'm trying to figure out how to go back to only seeing you as a friend, and it's not easy, since I'd just started realizing how much I care about you." Sophie smiled, about to follow, when she felt two arms wrap around her from behind. Even when Keefe flashes a smug smirk, Sophie can sense his sadness behind it and pulls him back into a hug. Story branches off of the timeline in Legacy. She's in her 2nd year in the Elite Levels. Keefe Bursting Into Sophie's Room (Villain), Just some kotlc oneshotsmostly fluff but some angst. "Please. 'We can beat them together. They made a person. The one and only thing on his mind was Linh. Sophie shut her book with a growl, she ignored Sandor's voice and walked out of the large classroom. and Sophie blushes. Quick as lightning, he grabbed her wrist and jerked her towards the wall, pinning her with his hands on her throat. Sophie doesn't respond. When Keefe gets very upset about having to wait until the next morning to go to, Sophie leans her head on Keefe's shoulder, and they both get embarrassed when, Sophie goes over to sit by Keefe and holds his hand when he tells her that. 'Uh, that one's a no-brainer. Their eyes meet after Keefe tells Sophie she can trust him. He also said it felt like the first time he had a shot at getting this 'brave, beautiful girl' to like him. 'Sorry', she mumbled when the crying fit finally passed. ", Sophie had to make sure Keefe was okay before she left. For a moment, all he could hear was the quiet whoosh of air, before Fitz spoke up. Keefe reaches for Sophie's shaking hand when she worries about her parents and promises her, Well get them back safe. But when she saw Keefe, frustrated, shoulders slumped in disappointment and humiliation and facing away from her, she lowered it. That's what's responsible for his broken mind. Yeah, Im fine, Foster, , Keefe paused to wipe his eyes, where tears were starting to form, I just didnt hear I love you a lot when I grew up. And her heart seemed to trip over itself as he leaned close and. Two hours soon passed as Keefe was left with his own thoughts, and all was rather quiet. . 'Keefe, I will never hate you. #sophiefoster Sophie has also shown some signs of liking Keefe, especially in Exile, Neverseen, Lodestar, Nightfall, Legacy, Unlocked. For those of you who don't know, I'm almost always writing with non-straight couples, and I wanted to give y'all a taste of that here. Even as Ritz Savory Cracker, he was still the ex. Really good friends. My favorites are the Truth or Dare ones and the Sokeefe oneshots they are the definition of adorable!!!!!!!! The Keeper gang is aged up to young adults (think 19-26), and the Neverseen haven't been defeated yet. the sokeefitz fic i wrote to avoid writing my sokeefitz fic because I'm efficient like that. I'll Love You Forever: A Sokeefe fanfiction (human AU) Age 3: Sophie sat on the bench, clutching her stuffed elephant to her chest. when he gently pinned ". He also sent her green breezes during the reset to calm her down. "It isn't his fault. His life is perfect, nothing could go wrongRight? My own poems, which are based off the actual book series. This is also an excuse to see how many tropes I can fit into one work, so if you like that stuff, read this! Then she pulls him close and down onto the deck, leaning against each other and wrapping her cape around him, warning him if he has to throw up, do NOT turn around. Especially in Everglen." I promise. She squeezes his hand, twining their fingers together when she knows Keefe has been working hard. Sophie rolled her eyes as she smiled. Fitz just watched Sophie in surpriseand anger. You guys are young and stupid. He felt her emotions match her words as she started placing small kisses on his hand. A sort of worried, empathetic, confused, pitiful mixture that made Keefe want to curl up somewhere and sort through his mind.Keefe isn't sure what the world wants from him, anymore. Yep--it's a date. replied Fitz. Sophie asks if he's okay. Sophie. Please consider turning it on! Its better when you are around. Just stop! Some interesting things happen fitz get in trouble She blushed at the slightest catch in his voice and then wished she hadn't when he flashed his trademark smirk., Then he was lost to his floaty dreams, most of which focused on the gold-flecked brown eyes he could never get out of his head., From that point on, he only had one goal: to be whatever Sophie needed. she hissed, nearly jumping out of her skin when his head dropped on her shoulder. Keefe tells Sophie that he gave her the necklace to remember him by. Always - SoKeefe Fanfic. Does she tell the dad? The whole time, Sophie held his hand and nodded along. Status Let's go see what the parents want." Of course I trust you, Keefe!, No, I mean really trust me. But yeah, basically its a human/coffee shop AU. ", Alden sighed. I need my Foster back - the real one, who bosses me around and is way too much fun to tease., 'Fine, I'll wait until dawn.' He would not lose hope. Sophie felt the layers of forest pass by her in a blur. Sophie pretended not to notice the wink Keefe dropped her way, and fought down a blush. He halted, and Sophie could see the shock flood his blue eyes. It is not to be edited anymore unless specified otherwise. Right on cue, she blushed. Sophie giggled. It's just another part of you for me to like.". This is just a a short little KOTLC SoKeefe fanfic :) It's staged in the middle of book four of the KOTLC series, where the Keeper Crew is banned from the Lost Cities and are living in Alluveturre, one of the Black Swan's hideouts. His cognate. I'm all yours today--though I might be willing to extend my servitude if you call me the Gift Master.' Then, Keefe helped Sophie carry her books, while "Grady, meanwhile, was studying Keefe as he'd never seen him before in his life." Sophie thanks Keefe for being there for her.

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